Should tendonitis

I decided to post on this board as it gets more traffic, but I’ll continue.

Last week (Mon.) I visited my doctor because of a little bit of pain in my shoulder. I had pretty much babied it the past two weeks throwing about once every three days just to see if the problem persisted. Well, it did, and after seeing the doctor, I learned I had tendonitis. Doc suggested that I take 1 week off and start up slowly the next week, doing some light exercises this week. Well, that wasn’t too bad of news, considering tendon problems are typically severe. Well, on Friday I did some jobes and tubing, hardly that much, but Saturday the arm was really sore! I’m afraid to even lob a ball (even in to next week) because the last thing I want to do is reaggravate it.

My question is directed at anyone who knows about or has experienced tendonitis themselves. How do you know when it is healed? I’ve been icing, taking ibuprofen/aleve, and taking fish oil w/ omega-3s. The pain doesn’t bother me, since I am rarely able to feel the tightness unless I’m actually throwing a ball. I don’t want to just mask the pain either.

This is really bothering me, and I’m willing and able to go w/o throwing, but what is the best way to go about recovery? thanks.

hmm. boy, i’m tired. “should tendonitis”…

Should tendonitis be what?

Lol, Maybe try not icing/drugs and try running/biking 2-3 times a week and keep your heart rate 160+ 25-30 minutes.

Bands/weights for shoulders
Good diet

(after awhile) start with light throwing 30-40 throws every day and just build up the amount of throws/intensity every week Edit: 6 days a week

Well, I still run in practice…and hit (I’ve taken the DH spot in the lineup).

But this “after a while” thing is where I am confused.

[quote=“ltdan”]Well, I still run in practice…and hit (I’ve taken the DH spot in the lineup).

But this “after a while” thing is where I am confused.[/quote]

I doubt the running you do in practice is what I’m asking you to do. you need a heart rate monitor or ride a stationary bike with HR thingies

Well I figure if it’s real bad right now you shouldn’t throw for a week or two while you do other stuff.

I’m not a doctor so don’t take my word for this stuff.

Actually a bad condition is when you can’t throw for like 3 months, ala mark prior. Its also bad if you throw everyday through the pain, then it starts getting into the rotator cuff.

Ok, I didn’t mean bad like it broke, I meant bad like how you feel and what you think you can do. If you think your condition will worsen with even light throwing, then don’t throw while you do other stuff.


I’d be curious to know if you are right handed or left handed when it comes to throwing and hitting.

Normally, tendonitis requires rest to heal. You might not need to shut down completely but you need to back off on your work load. Didn’t your doctor give you instructions?

The doc was pretty vague about the whole thing, I’m guessing because it was such a mild condition. He said to keep doing normal stuff, but easy on the throwing. He suggested the tubing and jobes during that week. I throw and bat right handed. My arm feels strong and healthy, no pain in the range of motion…but that happened a week ago and it doesn’t “just go away”…so I’m letting the throwing thing have a little bit of a hiatus until this weekend some time…i’ll probably throw 20 throws (not pitches) and see what its like the next day. I seem more concerned than the doctor did, but I don’t want to make it worse.

Sounds like you have good perspective and a good plan.

Thanks. Instead of playing catch, I can watch all this regular season baseball! :stuck_out_tongue: