Should pitchers throw from multiple arm angles?

We all know how important it is to mix speeds and locations. But what about arm angles/arm slots. Should pitchers who are naturally high-3/4 drop down to mid-3/4 or low-3/4 to occasionally change things up?

I sometimes drop my changeup arm angle to 3/4 and I get super movement on the pitch, kinda freaks the hitters out with a different arm angle. Last weekend I beaned a hitter when I did this because of so much movement.

Why would a pitcher who’s worked 10-20 years to make his mechanics a repeatable as possible, want to purposely do something that reduces the chances he could execute the pitch as good as he could possibly do it? If the answer is, “there are times when the tradeoff in execution and accuracy is overcome by the deception he gains”, then by all means throw from all kinds of arm angles, positions on the rubber, using different windups, and other things that affect timing.

It’s a cool thing to do in LL, but in LL there aren’t a lot of kids who would notice the difference in accuracy and pitch quality. At the HS level, its very seldom I’ve ever seen a pitcher who actually did it as a regular part of his routine, and I’ve never even heard of a HS coach actually signaling for such a thing.

In the final analysis, it seems to me that if a pitcher has to resort to that to fool the hitter, he has a lot of work to do on his game.

scorekeeper makes a good point. changing arm angles is good idea in theory… but unless you can consistently hit your spots from different arm angles then it would be pointless. if you get some brian wilson movement however then by all means go for it lol. (although i highly doubt many have anything close to that) lol

Ask a hitter…most will tell you this disrupts their approach at the plate. Now, if you can’t locate from multiple angles…you’re wasting your time.

That depends. Orlando Hernandez—“El Duque”—had great success with it. But most pitchers aren’t comfortable with it, so they have to resort to other means. It’s an individual matter. 8)

Bad habits can form from multiple angles.

For one, if you do it for a certain pitch, the hitter will know what you will be throwing.

Its okay if you do it for differently for right handed hitter vs left. Jose Contrases of the Phillies, changes arm angles from time to time with some success.

But, mainly keeping the same arm angle keeps you from making mistakes and tiping your pitches.

And if you have the same arm angle everytime, the hitter will have to guess every pitch.

So, i’m in favor of keeping the same arm angle for all pitches…

Its just better psychologically, and seperate arm angles can also lead to faster injury. My strain on the arm changing.


When you think about,
why throw with an arm angle that is not your natural arm angle?
Maybe you could get more movement, but is it good for your arm if
it isn’t a natural angle/movement for your body?