Should pitchers do tubing exercises on game day?

I didn’t, but a lot of pitchers do tubing exercises on game day before they pitch as a way to warm up their arms. What do you do and recommend? Let’s get some good discussion around this!

I just do it to substitute a few warm up throws, mostly on bad/cold days when even warmup needs to be done carefully (hungover, slept on the floor kind of mornings). I use it to stretch a little after some reps too.

If I forget my band I hold a glove, maybe grab the fence a tug a bit just to feel out the rotatorz before I start.

I never use bands.

we do tubing every single day as part of our warm up and it definitely helps get your arm loose. Do one set of all the exercises and you are not going to be very fatigued, just get good blood flow to the arm.

After the heavy bullpens/ in game appearance is when we do the heavier shoulder work, that where you get the burn going in your shoulder and work on strengthening everything, the pre-throwing tubing is mainly a warm up thing that I highly recommend.

We also do a variety of arm circle type movements + wall angels (scap wall slides) pre-throwing to loosen everything up

Eric Cressey is against moderate resistance tubing before throwing and after pitching.

I have stopped doing tubing before I throw and after. I do my strengthening in the weight room with thick bands and those weighted squishy balls.

I’ve noticed that my elbow is healthier. And I can throw the shit out of the ball for a much longer time. (long toss) All of this could be also be because of a much better strength and conditioning program that I’m on than the one I followed in college.