Should pitchers 10 and under only throw from the stretch?


Thoughts on having kids 10-11 and under only throw from the stretch? In pro ball, I eliminated the full when I started closing and actually gained a little more speed and movement on all my “stuff.”

For young kids, the idea is that there’s less motion (the stretch is more compact) and therefore more mechanically efficient, allowing the pitcher to focus less on mechanics and more on the target, etc.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


My 2017’s first year to pitch was at 9 years old. It was all kids on teams 1st year to pitch. Coach taught an awkward windup which included stepping one foot behind rubber. Mine drug his foot and would trip so I had him start working out of stretch, seemed to work better so I asked coach to let him use it. I didn’t have a clue but like you say its simpler. Don’t think he started working out of wind up again until age 12 when he started taking lessons. At age 10 new coach had all pitchers work exclusively out of stretch.


I think pitching from the wind-up is part of the fun for young pitchers and I refuse to take that away from them. I also think it’s easier to come up to speed from the wind-up where they essentially get a running start than from the stretch where the need to explode from a standstill. Now, that said, I have no problem “toning down” a wind-up that is too wild. Ultimately, it’s all about what does the kid have the strength to control.


From my experience with my 13 year old lefty son, the stretch gives him a bit more control, but I think he has a bit more velocity from the full wind up.