Should pitcher 'power' his arm?

i’ve heard that your arm has to stay loose throughout the delivery without any pressure on it (except for the tension you get from gripping the baseball). however, while messing around with my towel, i noticed that i’m hearing louder swish when i put much force on my shoulder than when i just stay loose… educate me :oops:

ya cuz by tightening your shoulder you get more speed/velocity. only problem is you get the injuries that come with it. i use to throw with all are and flex my muscles to throw. didnt throw since 8th grade and came back at 19 throwing 82. had to redesign my way of throwing, when i switched i lost velocity but then learned to throw with my body and gained more velocity and stamina. point is if you do this its alot more stress on your arm and you’ll probly deal with alot of tendon problems

are you suggesting that the shoulder has to be stiff in some point?

i can see the stiff shoulder like being a stiff shaft of the whip with the rest of the arm being the looser part. but i hope it’s true