Should MLB limit mound visits to speed up the game?

Should MLB limit teams to 2 visits to the pitching mound per 9 innings? As opposed to two visits per inning?

Could also have the manager make a pitching change without having to walk to the mound.

These questions were raised in this article and it’s interesting to think about:

You’d also have to enforce time limits on pitching deliveries or else pitchers will just stand out there taking signs from the dugout. Personally, I don’t feel a need to speed up the game. But, if I had to pick something, I’d say do something to get rid of the cat & mouse game between pitchers and base runners.

Yes they should.

I think it’s all part of the game it’s the strategy it’s what separates it from the others it’s what makes it the game we love. I understand that it’s not TV friendly for so,e of the younger generations and I get what they are trying to do which is help younger people get more vested in the game. I guess it’s a non answer and I don’t have the answer but I love the game and will watch no matter what so I’m not the target of changes like these.

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Everyone with an account to this site is not the target audience. I’m surprised that the league cut down the time between innings like they did because they reduced their “advertising hole.”

As far as trips to the mound, I’d say that if the coach doesn’t make a gesture to the bullpen within the first 15 seconds of crossing the foul line on his way to the mound (with the exception of assessing an injury–where the umpires are there anyway), then he must keep the current pitcher in the game for at least one more batter. The game gets crazy after the 6th inning when managers are making situational pitching changes and have specialists for each inning. That is the biggest problem with today’s baseball game. I would also make sure the reliever needs to throw his first warm up pitch within 30 seconds of the coach gesturing to the bullpen. You know you are coming in, get your crap together and get to the hill. I think this is why MLB managers are senior citizens–inability to get to the mound quickly :snail: allows for another 10 bullpen warm up pitches. Craziness!!!

If MLB wants to save time, they’ll get serious about reducing mound visits, installing a pitch clock, preventing frivolous absences from the batter’s box, and limiting the length of commercial breaks. Until they make a good faith effort to cut time where it makes the most difference, they have no business mucking with how the game is played.
One thing I have long hoped for and which (you’d think) COVID-19 might have brought about is a zero-tolerance policy on brawling. This is not an enjoyable part of the game and the “unwritten rules” that lead to this crap need to be left in the past. Anyone initiating or participating in a brawl should be suspended without pay - period.