Should I work on batting?

Should I dedicate some time training to batting? Will it have negative effects on my pitching? Do high school coaches look at pitchers’ batting skills?

Hitting is part of the game. Why neglect any part of it?

It has not affected my son’s pitching mechanics, but maybe others have differing opinions

I guess it depends on the coach and the pitcher. I’ve seen some larger HS programs that don’t hit or defensively play their pitchers, and other programs that pitchers play a defensive position and hit all of the tiime.[/quote]

At this stage of the game it’s not going to hurt anything. It’s once you get into higher levels i.e. College that it becomes very difficult to balance all the hitting work and mound work.

Don’t voluntarily give up on hitting. If you are a good pitcher it will be taken away from you soon enough.

Great point. Tough to give up especially if you love to hit.

Knowing what it takes to hit well makes you an even more effective pitcher, know all the game not just part of it!

Alright, thanks everyone for the answers. :slight_smile: I will start hitting as soon as I feel better.