Should I tryout?

I’m 21 and I am 6 foot 7 with a 88 mph fastball with a sick curve ball it’s velocity sits around 72-75. I was wondering would it be worth my time trying out or hanging it up?

always worth a shot, if you have good stuff 88 is acceptable, for lefties 88 is definitely fine. Just have a solid 4-5 pitches for start 3 or so for pen arm. That’s what I would say.

Trying our for adult league club has certain levels of ability, and as Bunyan236 mentioned - go for it.

I should point out that many adult league clubs are a mixture of all kinds of ability and talent. Many of these clubs/teams, are made up of friends, friends of friends and so on. Also, some of these teams are very competitive and that can take the fun out of getting out there and playing.

Check around the area, within reasonable driving distance, and see how you fit in. By the way, some teams have a high turnover because of work, lack of interest and a ton of other stuff. So you should have a pretty easy go of it. Heck, a couple of days after my 72nd birthday, don’t I get a call from a guy two towns over asking if I would be interested in pitching as a reliever for the team that he was putting together for that season. Besides me being 72, blind in one eye, prone to a nap in the morning and one in the afternoon, he comes back to me with… " I’m sure we can fit you in… and it would only cost me $120 fee for the league fee."

I might just try that out playing in an adult league and try getting my velocity back up to 93 like it was when I was 19 before I try for an independent league team or a minor league team

I would tryout, too. Baseball players can tryout for most MLB teams and nearly all independent teams if they’re under 26 years old. They key, however, is playing as much as you can at this point so that you can get innings and additional exposure, since only relying on open tryouts can be very limiting.