Should i take heat off my fastball?!?!?!

im a 14 year old righty and on average my fastball goes 70-77. i throw faster than everyone in my recreational league and next year i will be going to highschool. on average i throw about 50-70 pitches a game. i ice down my arm about 30 minutes after each game but recently i have been plagued by some shoulder pain and i have noticed it has been getting worse. im going to go see my family doctor this week to see if it might be serious. my question is should i take a little off my fastball and if i do would it relieve shoulder pain after the game? :?: :idea: any suggestions would be greatly welcomed! :slight_smile: thx
p.s. by the way i dont throw a curveball. just a fastball and changeup.

Your shoulder pain could be caused by a number of things including overuse, a mechanical flaw, etc. It’s good that you’re going to get checked out by the doc. If you can post some video of yourself pitching, we can assess your mechanics.

i planned on posting a video of my mechanics earlier but i havent gotten around to it. but i will be posting a video hopefully within a week.