Should I switch to lefty?

This may seem like a kind of reticular question but… Should I work on throwing lefty as well as righty. I am left handed but for some reason my parents raised me to throw right handed, even though I do everything else with my left hand.

My left hand is stronger and I feel like I would have more potential but is it really worth the time and practice?

If I could do it all over again, I’d be a lefty :slight_smile:

Maybe a lefty knuckleballer since my LH fastball might not reach the plate, lol.

Yeah man, look, if it feels natural, go for it. Give it a shot!

It dosnt exactly feel natural but I assume its cause ive never thrown lefty before :lol:. I am going to be 17 before the next season starts also so it might be kinda late for me.

It may be a little late for you… however, how hard do you throw righty, and how hard do you throw lefty right now?

Percentage of lefties in general population: 7%

Percentage of lefty MLB pitchers: 27%

Case closed.

(both rough numbers but still)

switching from righty to lefty was pretty good for a guy named billy wagoner. i hear he can throw a little bit

I throw pretty hard righty, but like I said my lefty mechanics are still a little shaky so I cant do much lefty right now.

I remember being able to throw both, bat both, write both and do everything both. I remember in elementary school I had a teacher that told me to pick a hand. So now it’s all confusing I throw right, bat left, write left, golf right, eat left, drink left, use tools left, bowl right, open a lock right. I did my baseball stuff both until I turned 14 I think.

Sometimes I still take bp right handed or throw around left handed just for fun even though neither are quite what they used to be. I’ll tell you it’ll take a lot of practice, my righty fastball sits in the 70s but my lefty one is probably like 50. lol.

Learning to throw with an opposite hand is a lot harder than learning to hit though I think.

Haha thats pretty much me. I can hit from both sides thats not difficult. I can throw pretty hard lefty now to but my mechanics are just awful.