Should i stop throwing the curveball

hello coach ellis…its richard again this time with a question on a pitch rather than a training method…the curve has been my weekest pitch since i started seriously training last month after realizing i can throw when i picked up a ball in the gym during track practice…the other pitches(fastball, cut fastball, change up, two seam) all are coming natural to me…but the curve ball is eluding me…it always hangs or goes straight…sometimes it makes me change my mechanics…should i abandon this pitch and work with the others or should i keep working at it?

In my opinion If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

It does depend on how old you are (don’t throw the curve until probably 13 at earlierst). If you are older though it’s a great pitch, almost too effective so that pitchers focus on it too much and loose their fastball.

Anyways, I spent the greater part of my spring 13 year old season trying to get my curveball going. More often then not it would go over the batters head, often a wild pitch. However I did keep working with it. Having a couple coaches help me and some other things.
Come allstars my curve was dominating, no 13’s would touch it, and the freshman 15’s were hitting harmless balls into the ground. I got to a point and still am at where I can/could throw it in a full count or for a first pitch strike.

The curve is something you have to work with, since it’s anything but natural (thus the stress on the arm), however unless you throw straight gas with a good changeup, your going to need more movement then a cutter.

Also if your under 17 or so I would really stray from the cutter and look into the curveball, the cutter is much like the slider, and puts incredible stress on a growing arm.

You’ve got all winter to work, best of luck!

yea thanks…i am 19(lol) :smiley: , kindah of late to be picking up the game but i played a little in high school at center field…i threw alright but retired my glove before junior year…then i picked it up again two months ago…right now i am doing a throwing program which is helping my velocity every week…just started working with my off speed stuff…i’ll keep at it see how it goes…but i don’t have a coach right now so its kindah of tuff

I would say stick with the curve. There are many training tools you can use to help with that good breaking ball.

Some of the best tools are using a hocky puck and watch it rotate, and you will be able to tell how it comes out of your hand. Also you can duct tape two balls together and throw it with the “curve ball grip” and play catch with that so you get the feeling.

Hope this helps.

try a slider instead. i think it will complement your other pitches better anyway. thats just one man’s opinion though.

we had a pithcer of ours this year go 8 an 0, and his curveball is alot like yours sounds like. no movement. but he rarely threw it. he was fast fastball, moving slow changeup, and nasty splitter. thats all.

keep throwing it but focus on becoming a better fastball and change up pitcher. Nothing is nastier than a change up that looks just like a fastball right up till the second you realize you are way out in front of it. Use the curve to show the batter you are a little wild at times and to stay off your plate. Use it as a show pitch, you got it and they need to know you are going to use it.

you should trying. ask someone who has a good one. maybe hell help ya. but hey in my opinion. if your fast. you should abandon it and pick up the slider. my favorite pitch. im only 13 so havent tried it yet