Should I reinvent my whole wind-up?

The last two seasons i haven’t had any control on any consistant basis. The last game i pitched my body felt out of sync and like i couldn’t get anything behind my pitches. My timing through my wind-up was off and i couldn’t find a consistent arm slot. i still did ok, 5inn 2so 5wlks 1er, but usually i throw a lot harder and get a lot more k’s( i have 58K’s in 32inns)
I think i should try to find a more consistent wind-up and one that feels more comfortable and has better mechanics. Anyone have some checkpoints that i should make sure i hit through my wind-up?

I would think that at least some of the things you do are what comes most natural so I would not recommend changing those.

Can you post up some video?

Yeah i’ll get some, hopefully in the next couple of days.

If your not comfortable re inventing your wind up then just go out of the stretch the whole time.

i go from the stretch all the time mainly because the wind up just has way to many moving parts for me to be consistant everyday

A lot of major league pitchers nowadays throw from the stretch all the time, so if you feel more comfortable doing this, go ahead. I think it all started with Don Larsen, who used no windup at all when he pitched his perfect game; he just went to the stretch, so to speak, and threw the ball, and he needed only 97 pitches to complete the no-no-no. There are a few “old-school” pitchers, such as Paul Byrd, who use the full windup with nobody on base and go to the stretch the rest of the time—it’s all a matter of preference, what feels right for the individual pitcher. 8)

i like to go from the wind-up because it seems to get me more momentum and a better rhythm. Still trying to get video.

Ok finally got some video. These are the mechanics I have come up with. I seem to have better control with them, although this was the first day off a mound with them. Does anyone see any problems with it that need to be fixed? BTW my arm was pretty sore because I had just pitched around 75 pitches the day before, so not my normal speed.

yea u wanna feel comfortable. i recently changed my wind up. i wasnt pitching from the stretch before. no problem with control. im like cliff lee