Should I Quit Pitching?

Play alot of sports and already stopped a bunch of others because

Im down to bowling, tennis, basketball, bicycling, ping pong, badminton, and swimming. Pitching is fun… but i havent progressed in any of my sports lately cause of how thin i spread myself in a day… thats how i injured my shoulder in the first place. lol.

I probably won’t quit… im the type of guy who always tries new things… so ill just organize better and try to fit it in.

What do you guys think… work, guitar practice, mass sports, a bit downtime for relaxation and games and etc…

To Busy? Would you quit? I just started and havent thrown more than 200 (proper) pitches yet.

Edit: I don’t want to go pro in anything but cooking =]. These are things to keep me active and fit. I always seem to get to a satisfactory/average level of a sport and stay there, but my main point is that i want to get better at pitching. The satisfactory level seems far, far away haha. I will try to boil it down to 2 or 3… Thanks guys. keep the suggestions coming!

You certainly have been spreading yourself too thin, and you need to stop and think carefully about the direction in which you’re heading.
You say you haven’t even thrown 200 proper pitches yet. How can you, when you’re diverting so much time and energy to a lot of extraneous pursuits? Baseball is an activity that requires a maximum of effort and commitment if one is to get anywhere with it, and it seems to me that you haven’t been doing that. That won’t do. Either you’ll have to delete all but one or two of these extraneous activities, or you’ll need to consider—seriously—giving up on baseball. I know you say you don’t want to do this, but here we have a case of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. So slam on the brakes and sit down and think about your situation, what you really want to do. 8)

most people if not TREMENDOUSLY talented in one sport, wont become proffesional at it which means, do it if you enjoy it then stop doing it when you dont enjoy it anymore and if you feel like doing it again after that then do it. theres no rules, this is life.

Its not all about becoming a professional. If you want to play in college or better yet just maximixe your potential as a pitcher, your going to have to cut down to about 2 other activities.

Ask yourself one simple question: If you had a day to yourself with no distractions, how would you spend it?

I’d focus on that. Whatever that is.

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]Ask yourself one simple question: If you had a day to yourself with no distractions, how would you spend it?

I’d focus on that. Whatever that is.[/quote]

LoL… I would still be trying to play everything… That’s just me…

Narrowed it down. Tennis, Bicycling, Catch/Pitching. It’s hard to find friends that would catch for me. They’d rather just play catch lol.

Thanks guys! Still open for more suggestions!

Like a lot of people have said, baseball requires maximum effort and commitment, if you can not commit yourself to baseball, then you should stick with something you are good at.