Should i pursue pitching if

hey coach ellis…its richard wolfe again just had a question about my future in baseball. here it goes…if i am 19 and just started pitching…(played in high school but through like 70 so quit)…i started throwing last month again i was throwing 79-81mph…so i decided to start a pitching program and am now throwing consistently 82-84 and hit 86mph on a mound one time…i’m transfering to a CUNY to play baseball out of Manhattan College so that i can get some experience and playing time…my question is do i have a future in this sport at least making the minors?

Take it one step at a time. Try to make the school team and stick with it and continue to improve. Right now you don’t have the velocity numbers to get a serious look from the pros. Who knows what your numbers will be in two or three years? You’re still reasonably young and you aren’t that far away from decent velocity if you learn how to be a good pitcher also.

yea…that is a good look way to look at it…so next year i’ll try out for the team and see what happens for there…