Should I Purchase TUFFFCUFF?

Convince me to buy the TUFFCUFF book.
I am very interested in this book, I want to be sure if its worth $70.

I don’t know how it would apply to you but I can say that I donated a copy to my sons varsity coach and he started using it immediately on his team. If you are seriously conditioning as a pitcher, I think this book has a lay out that is easy to understand, graphically, it’s easy to follow and he provides a great variety of charting and tracking material so that as you measure your work you can see the impact. My feelings are that this puts pitching specific workouts as well as whole body conditioning techniques in a nice package. Is it worth $70 to you? I don’t know? How much do you pay for the stuff you do for yourself or your kid?

I recently received the book in the mail and have gone through it briefly. I played college and semi-pro baseball. The neat thing about the book is it combines what I learned and performed training wise in college for use from Junior High Schoolers and up. I have a middle school son and also help out as a pitching coach in the spring and fall and I can see it is already worth my investment.

If after you receive it, you decide that the program is not for you or your son, then send it back. I’ll refund your money pronto. No big deal at all. I want it to be useful to you.

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[quote=“ccesbaseball”]Convince me to buy the TUFFCUFF book.
I am very interested in this book, I want to be sure if its worth $70.[/quote]

I think it’s worth it.

It is chock full of good drills. If you value your time, then the book would more than pay for itself because it would take you days and days to pull together all of this information via the web.

that offer still stand for others?

lol: of course it is. Those of you who’ve known me long enough know that if you’re not happy about something, you can always contact me and I’ll take care of it. If you order tuffcuff and it’s not useful, send it back. No big deal. My bigger hope – besides you benefiting from the program, of course – is that you’ll continue to be a member of this forum and participate in the discussions.

In my honest opinion, if you can’t connect with any strength conditioners in the field of baseball that can make a program customed to you, then it might be worth it, but otherwise it’s not. I wouldn’t down the book, but if you’re like me (skinny punk lacking weight and overall strength), this book won’t help you. Most of the lifts are pretty basic. But the book does an awesome job of helping you protect your shoulder and gives you the “pitcher exercises”.

Again, it all depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for somethinge more percise, don’t get it. If you’re looking for a good start, it’s a great way to start.

I’ve read the book from cover to cover and studied it. Don’t rely on it for strength gains in the gym, because you won’t get it. Worth the $60.00? That’s up to you.

hey i never read this book before but you cant say skinney people shouldnt use this book lol!! im skinney my self and i wouldnt mind reading this book probably some usefull things in here that a skinney person didnt know! by the way im skinney bout 5’8 throwin low 80s which i think is decent 8)

Yeah tuff cuff is really detailed in what to do. I think that it has helped me.

Bought it for my son last year.

He’s a skinny little runt as well, 5’7" 120 lb freshman, LHP.

My thought on it is as follows:

Tremendous amount of information, including detailed workouts and pitch selection scenarios.

Also breaks down very basic absolutes and emphasizes rotational power.

Can’t see how it’s not worth 70 measly dollars.

Taught both me and my son more than either of us knew before I purchased it.

I got TuffCuff for Christmas and I have found it useful. I would also recommend this

Yes, it’s worth it. I bought the JR version for my son when he was 9 and we’ve used it off and on for a couple of years. He’s also got a pitching/strength coach now and many of the exercises his coach does are in that book so for the price of one lesson you’ve got your money back.

The internet’s free. I’ve learned absolute truckloads of info from looking at ■■■■■■■■■■■/Driveline/TreadAthletics stuff for nothing but dedicated time. Transformed me from toppin 80 to sinkin 91. If your hearts in it tho, buy it, worst case it’s just a lesson.