Should i Keep my arm loose when throwing?

Its ridiculously stiff when i throw and i throw very hard.
Perhaps if I loosen it up i can add on some mph to my pitches?

I was told by an ex pro baseball player that your suppose to be relaxed at all times.

So should i change or keep doing what i am doing?

What do you mean by stiff? Do you bend your arms at all? Are the ridgid when you throw? I notice that my front arm is a bit tight when I throw. But that’s from the force I put my body throw when I “whip” the ball through. Your throwing arm should be rather loose. Please give me more of a discription of what is not loose.


i use tubing before I throw and that heats up the muscle and prepares the shoulder to pitch at high velocity.

As soon as I feel a little burn I stop and begin to throw. It tightens the arm and prepares it to throw.

You never want a loose shoulder since the shoulder is the most flexible joint. I don’t like to think loose but more try to think warm and just right.

Look at those guys arms at the bottom of the page, how they whip back and then forward to get that elastic energy as their torso rips through. Yes, keep the arm lose, relaxed and let er rip