Should I get Tommy John?

I am a high school freshman, and I my UCL is partially torn… The doc said I can live with it, but I will not be able to throw as hard I was once able to. The only reason I want the surgery is too pitch my maximum potential, but I am now reading it makes you throw slower. What should I do?

My advice is: go see an orthopedic surgeon with experience in such surgeries, and then get a second opinion and even a third. Then decide. You have to take all these things into consideration, the pros and the cons, and you certainly don’t want to rush into things. And keep this in mind: many pitchers who have had the TJ surgery wind up pitching better than ever. Best of luck. 8)

I’m with Zita.

Surgery is something that entirely comes down to the individual and how badly you want to keep playing Baseball and how far you want to try and get in Baseball.

There’s guys out there who have TJ and come back stronger and guys who have it and don’t come back as strong. The reason is because of the rehab, if you slack off on the rehab you won’t be nearly as good as if you follow the rehab to the “T”

There’s also guys out there who have multiple surgeries and guys who get hurt once have the surgery and then simply walk away.

It all boils down to the individual.

If you want to try and play baseball after high school then talk to an experienced physician and discuss your options.

I, myself had TJ at 17 and came back throwing harder. Throwing harder or softer has everything to with how much growing you have to do physically and how dedicated you are to your rehab.

Weigh all your options before making this decision because the rehab is long and it is hard but if you want to play afterwards it’s definitely worth it.