Should I be worrying?

Should i be freaking out…I do not have any offers or calls from D1… I am a 6’4 RHP throwing mid 80’s. Fall baseball is huge for me - how do i get coaches to come to our games… I am in a good league hosted by Champions. at the end, there will be a all star game that many scouts will come to… I want to play D1

You must be pro active about your recruiting

What do you mean? How? This is a good topic and I’d like to see the discussion expand a bit…

first of all what grade are you in?

the showcase[tryout circuit is becoming huge for players now. the one day showcases @ area colleges are good to get a look. if you are not being recruited by division 1 folks, juco is a good option. the scholarships are usually better, you will get to play (unless you are a highly recruited freshman you will probably sit your freshman year).

jucos are always looking for pitching. with your frame it could be just the ticket.

Well Steven, if you really want it oyu have to go get it, showcase teams, and showcases are good. Also check out some of the recruiting websites like Have you e-amiled or talked to any coaches. The phrase if your good they will find you is true but they have to see you to find you.

Showcases helped me get noticed out of highschool. I wouldnt really worry about going to the biggest, best and most expensive ones but focus on being 100% prepared when you go. I realized that when i went to the higher end showcases i didn’t have my best stuff and didnt get much attention. But even the smaller ones have a good turn out and when i preformed well there i had a bunch of coaches lining up. Other then that just send out emails and calls to the colleges you are interested and if you don’t hear back from them stay persistent. You need to ‘market’ yourself, even if you send out emails weekly