Should I be worried?!


I just began to throw again seriously as our fall season begins shortly. I threw casually in the summer, and felt amazing. I went to the gym to toss with a teammate a couple days ago. I stretched well, and made sure I was prepared to throw. My elbow felt funny almost the whole session of catch. It was a quick, light session of catch. Threw around 30 throws or so. At hardest I threw 65 mph. My forearm hurts near my elbow right below my UCL. I believe it may be my upper forearm. It feels like a flexor/pronator strain. I would love to hope its not my UCL again because this is getting to be unbelievable. I can fully extend my arm, which is a very good sign because when I tore my UCL i could not do this. I don’t understand how one session of catch could cause pain like this, or tear a muscle/ligament. Could it be that my elbow was not ready to throw that hard? Scar tissue issue? Maybe I need to work into it slower? Maybe I was throwing differently.

Should I be worried or give it time to rest and throw again? Ill be talking to my trainer monday.

I just hoped its forearm strain. Anyone suffer this before?


If I’m reading this right, I had the same pain. I kept icing and stretching. I couldn’t take much time off because it was mid season, but during practice I did very light throwing. It was a little irritated my next start, but I threw anyways and I’m fine now.


Go see your trainer and see what he recommends or to get more piece of mind go see a sports doc.

Never rely on a nameless, faceless, no accountability message board.


Agree. Really seeing a doc is the best option. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.