Should I be worried possible TJ?


I’m 16 and during a fall baseball game I came into pitch and wasn’t warm. Little tingling through the first inning but after that it was normal and just a little pain in the 4th. The next day I woke up with a very sore elbow on the inside and it hurts to bend it too much and it hurts to straighten in this has pursisted for three days now. What should I do and what is it??


Get it checked out by an orthopedist.


i would want to get that looked at it could be a muscle attached to your elbow


Hey, just wanted to let you know to just get it checked out. Maybe it could simple rest or just surgey. i am not a doctor, so get it checked by one. Dont pitch until u see that doctor but its all up to you!


The tingling likely has more to do with the ulnar nerve than the UCL, definitely get it checked though. Being unable to fully extend was something I felt too.


Not be able to extend your arm is a symptom. I wasn’t able to extend until about 2 weeks after the incident. Get it checked out.


A sore inner elbow is either a forearm muscle or your UCL. It probably wouldn’t be a growth plate since you are 16. Go get it checked out if it hasn’t gone away.