Should I Be Pitching Anymore?

So awhile ago I asked how to deal with this nagging injury in my knee. Well it never went away so I got an MRI done and it turns out there is some swelling and I have two minor fractures. One on the lower part of my femur and the other on the top of my tibia. Doctor said to rest it and see what happens but I’ve only been relaxing it whenever it starts to hurt. For example my last start my knee wasn’t hurting, but I apparently changed my delivery and had “a weak landing” because I was trying to protect it. Today during practice we had an inter-squad scrimmage and I pitched well for two innings, then did my sprint work after, then took the train and walked home. As soon I got home my knee was SORE. So I don’t know what to do at this point. I know alot of people are going to say tell my coach that I can’t play but he has a history in sports medicine and I showed him the MRI results, so he wouldn’t let me pitch if it was that bad. Also, he always asks how it feels and I tell him the truth, if it hurts I let him know, but it’s usually nothing worse than stiffness.

Well dude thats a tough decision. Cant you like take a small break to rehabilitate yourself maybe it’ll heal. But i don’t know i’m not a doctor.