Should i add a sinker?

I have an awesome fastball. I have total control of it. I have A decent change. About 7-10 mph difference from my fastball.

I was wondering if i should add a sinker to my arsenal?

I don’t see why not. A sinker is a good pitch to have. If you can work it up and get it to do what you want it to do, by all means go ahead. And you might also want to add a good breaking pitch, like a knuckle-curve or a slider—then you’d have four terrific pitches. I’m with you! :slight_smile:

Ya, do it. Vertical movement is perhaps more devastating to hitters than velocity or lateral movement.

i personally don’t look at a sinker as another “pitch” per say, i look at it as more of another fastball, or a variation of your fastball. If you can throw a fastball with good downward/tailing action (like a sinker) and it’s only a few MPH slower than your straight 4 seamer, then it’s definitely not a bad idea to utilize this pitch. I throw equally as many 2 seamers/sinkers (they are pretty close to the same pitch if you ask me) as i do 4 seam fastballs. It’s good to have fastballs that move in both directions, (for example a cutter and a 2 seamer) not everyone can throw both well enough to use them in game situations, but having pitches that can get in on both righty and lefty hitters proves very useful… i typically struggle more against lefty hitters than i do righty hitters because i don’t have a pitch to bust them inside with like i do to a righty hitter with my 2 seam/sinker.

Ok i will start working on a sinker.

Zita whats the difference between a curve and knuckle curve?

[quote=“Power Pitcher11”]Ok i will start working on a sinker.

Zita whats the difference between a curve and knuckle curve?[/quote]

I’m not Zita but…

The grip ;). They’re both curveballs, experiment with both, and see which one gets you the movement that you’re looking for.

The knuckle-curve is exactly what the name implies. You use a knuckleball grip, usually two-finger, but sometimes a three-finger with one of the fingers lifted off the ball. And you throw it like a curve ball; the grip is what does the trick, and usually the ball will drop like a stone as it nears the plate. Mike Mussina had a terrific one, and the story goes that he picked it up as a kid because he couldn’t throw a regular knuckleball due to the sharp wrist snap he had—I remember how I picked mine up the same way. It’s a nice pitch. 8)

Ok thanks guys

Hopefully you had a chance to watch the Phillies/Braves game last night with Roy Halladay. He threw a beautiful 9 inning shutout. He is one of the best examples of how great a sinker can be.