Should Barry Bonds be in the HOF?

Sorry if I sound like a middle schooler in the youtube comment section but “like” this comment if you think Bonds should be in the hall of fame. I definitely do!


Yes. And Clemens. And…


And Charlie Hustle!

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Off-the-field prohibited conduct affects on-the-field performance (Bonds) = No.
Off-the-field prohibited conduct does not affect on-the-field performance (Rose) = Yes.

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I believe Pete Rose was betting on games he was also coaching, though. Tough call. Let them all in, in my opinion. The Hall of Fame is supposed to recognize on-field dominance – not necessarily the character of a player, in my opinion. Ty Cobb was a nasty person, by all accounts. Mantle was a drunk. Everyone’s got flaws. But you can’t argue with the numbers these guys put up throughout their careers.


Anyone that took PED’s - no: performance not a true representation of talent.
Rose- yes, unless it’s shown he was betting against his team.

Betting for or against his team Rose was still a hell of a player. What I’ve read he was not betting against his team.

Agreed, and agreed. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will ever go in while he’s on this side of the topsoil. If he had shown contrition and stayed away from Vegas and betting, I would think things might have worked out differently.

Agree with you 2022dad. It’s a shame though.

No way on Rose.
He did the one thing that cannot be done in sports…he ACTUALLY compromised the integrity of the game.

All the PED stuff sort of cracks me up. Any argument with it is hypocritical.
The league(s) can’t even get a firm definition on what is or what isn’t. Some pathetic and lame politicians sticking their nose in pretending to give a toss about society (while no doubt doing harm to society in their own way) is a joke.
PEDs are not turning someone into a HOF player.
Pitchers used PEDs for recovery.
If MLB actually cared about PED use or players…they do not by the way…they would do some thing that could actually change the use of them. Shorten the season. Add more players, in particular pitchers, to rosters. Pay minor league players a livable wage. MLB is a business and players are not seen as human beings, they are investments and nothing else. MLB cracking down on PEDs has nothing to do with them caring about what is right, caring about players or their health, caring about some idiot politician waxing on about apple pie and sandlot baseball b.s…it is about not getting fined and nothing else.
Outside of personal health, PEDs mean nothing to me. That is because, in reality, it means nothing to baseball and MLB. Find out how many players are on (or hooked on) pain killers and then talk about PEDs.


Olympic athletes are routinely banned from competition and even stripped of medals for taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. So are cyclists, such as Lance Armstrong. Baseball should do the same.

“No way on Rose.
He did the one thing that cannot be done in sports…he ACTUALLY compromised the integrity of the game.”

Disagree here. May have been stupid but my understanding is he bet on his team. Regardless, doesn’t diminish what he accomplished on the field.

It influenced how he managed I am sure.
He admitted betting on games when he managed as well. He said he never bet against his team, but, as usual, Dense Pete is missing the point. I am sure it influenced how he managed game, how he used his pen.
Every MLB player knows they are risking everything by gambling on the game.
It is pretty as to why…it opens things up for all sort of influence that comes from shady money. Pretty obvious to me.
The sin of him gambling on games when he was managing is worse than gambling when he was playing.

Betting against your team is obviously bad because it will make you throw games and that certainly ruins the integrity of the game. But what’s wrong with betting for your team? That will make you try to win which is what you should be doing anyway. As a manager I could see you maybe burning out your pitchers trying to win but that only affects your personal coaching integrity. What am I missing?

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The fact that it opens a potential pandoras box involving betting, shady money, scores and game outcomes.
Burning up your pen to win a game you bet on in a way you wouldn’t regularly is one thing…resting starters or not using your pen in the regular way because you have a bet the next night (thus leading to a loss) is another. The real issue with managers/players gambling on the game they play is they are one big debt, or one person from blackmailing them away from throwing games or attempting to do so. Once the integrity of game goes so will much of the fan base as it is no different from watching staged wrestling at that point. The perception of games being fixed is a sports leagues worst fear because it makes the product nearly worthless for real fans. This is why someone gambling is much more dangerous in the view of a league than someone taking something to help them recover from a lifting season.
The comparison between someone taking a drug to recover or assist them in their performance and something that could jeopardize the legitimacy of an entire league is a huge case of apples and oranges.

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I have to agree with @south_paw here. The obvious choice is Pete Rose.

If Bonds goes in then they all should go. McGwire, Palmeiro, Gonzalez, all of them.

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Jim Thome, too. His career HR #'s I think are Top 5 in the history of the game. Not sure if he was ever connected w/ steroid use.

Good points.

what people don’t ever mention is that steroids don’t slow time down for you or some shit or increase your hand eye coordination, he still hit .370 hit 762 home runs off people also on steroids, hit the longest home run in the World Series off troy percival who admitted to “putting pine tar and Mota stick in the bottom of a soda can and melt it with a lighter to create the sticky substance” stole 514 bases, only person in the 500/500 club, won 8 gold gloves, the ultimate power speed defense everything player