Shorter Stide?

I have a pitcher who is working with a coach that tells him a SHORTER stride is better. That a long stide will cause arm injury.

Has anyone had experience with shortening a stride (benefits, disadvantages).

Personally, I have always have encouraged a long stride. Tom House says the length of your body is ideal. I really believe that a LONGER stride is critical to utilizing power throughout the entire body. However, I have been wrong before, and may be teaching an “outdated” method.

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Gary Larson

I think it should be comfortable.There has to be too little AND too much.I wouldnt be that concerned with stride length as it relates to arm retarded.stay closed.finish down between ankle and knee to allow arm to decelerate.dont throw many curves,but work on change-up—fastball comb----like you said—somewhere around his height is good.6-8 inches less for curve or change.

Think more about how one gets to the stride. Rather than telling a pitcher to just stride longer (which can be counterproductive), give them something to do earlier in their delivery that will result in a longer stride. For instance just getting the hips going a bit quicker and altering the path of the stride leg can result in a longer stride that does not feel or look forced.

Some guys may be better with a shorter stride because they lack flexibility. Other guys may need to shorten their stride a bit because they are not “staying within themselves” and are simply trying to do too much. I also think a stride that is too long can slow hip rotation.

Stride length is variable from pitcher to pitcher.

I use a shorter stride espcililly when someone is on first base and i am pitching from the stretch.