Short pitchers

If your a short pitcher have you ever wished you were taller? I know there are many successful short pitchers that throw hard, but it is clear that height is an advantage. Me, I’m a sophomore pitcher that is slightly over 5’7’’. the other pitchers on the team are around 5’10’’-5’11’’. With the exeption of the ace, I throw as hard as the others, and am overall as good as the third starter (we use 3). I just don’t look like a pitcher (when I think of a pitcher I think of a tall, lanky kid with long arms). I have only gotten one chance to pitch this year and threw 4 innings with 5 k’s and gave up 0 earned runs. If only I was taller.

i know how you feel…but unlike you…i dont throw as hard as the taller guys on the team, but instead i’ve grown acustom to throwing a lot of junks…everything from slider, curve and splitter, while trying to put my fastballs at good locations low in the strike zone.
im not sure if its a mis-conception by me, or do most of the hard throwing smaller pitchers in the majors (pedro, oswalt, wagner) all tend to break their back knee early and really try to drive the body forward by pushing off the rubber, rather than standing tall pressing down.

Not only does being short make it harder to throw fast, it also makes it harder to throw junk. It helps to have big hands, which I don’t have.

yea i like being tall im 13 and almost 6’ and have a 6’5 wingspand really skinny but already throwing low 70’s it helps me a lot

I also wish I was taller. I am only 5’5 and I throw in the low to mid 70’s.I wish I was like 5’10 or 5’11. To me that is the perfect size.

Being taller obviously would help as a pitcher, but do you know what, don’t let that even be an issue in your improvement.

There are lots of guys who have pitched in the big leagues and had success that are under six foot tall.

Pedro Martinez
Bartolo Colon
Greg Maddux
Roy Oswalt
Billy Wagner

Who is the smallest big league pitcher you have seen? I know Shane Nance pitched a couple years in the majors with Milwaukee and Arizona and with Team USA in the Olympics, and i think he was about 5’6’’.

Tall pitchers can work down in the zone very effectively because they can throw the ball more downhill and get a lot of grounders.

Shorter pitchers who throw hard can work up in the zone more effectively because by getting low they can throw a pitch at the top of the zone that drops a bit less and seems to the hitter to be a rising fastball resulting in a lot of pop-ups, fly outs and strikeouts. If they throw the ball at the hitter’s eye level they can actually be throwing a rising fastball and you’ll see hitters swinging way under those pitches at times.

i turn 15 monday and i’m 5’5" (or 5’4" or whatever) i throw like 70 i think (i wanna find out but have no money for a radar gun and no where to go see how fast either). i am starting to get a curve but the one i throw doesnt feel comfortable so im expirementing. I have succsess pitching in my league and im probably the second smallest on my team but im the 2nd pitcher in the line up so far. hoping this is another good season and dont worry about being short cause im probably only gonna be 5’8" when i’m older.

Yea, I know being short shouldn’t be an excuse and there are many good/great short pitchers, but getting a chance is tuff. If there is one pitcher that’s 5’7’’ and one that’s 5’10’’ the 5’10’’ kid will get the chance to pitch because he looks like a pitcher.

also being taller is a lot more appealing to college and major league scouts. ive seen guys get signed that werent ne thing special at all but were 6’5 which coaches see huge upsides about.

Absolutely. In the end scouts look for projectability. They’ll always take the taller guy over the shorter guy because in most cases they project to be able to throw the ball harder.

No matter what your height, stay focused and work hard.

yeah it doesnt matter if your short keep giving it all you got and work harder than ne one. ive seen a lot of taller guys who have amazing potential but r too lazy to do ne thing with it. but for guys like us who r short we know we gotta work at least 2 times harder than ne one else to be recognized so no matter how tall u r give it ur all and DONT GIVE UP EVER!!

This seems likea bash all tall people thread coming.
I am 16 and 6’4, I throw about 83-86. Height helps yes, but I still do you resistance cords, and my running the same as all of you. I also have a problem where I try to throw as hard a physicaly posibble every pitch. I want to reach the 90 mark by next year.

what is the best way to increase velocity? I was told squats, and leg strength.

Thanks, and height doesn’t matter, try sitting in an airplane sseat at 6’4 :smiley:


I’m 18 and only 5’7. I have a fastball maybe around the low 80’s but I haven’t clocked myself. Just like everyone else in this thread I too wish for some more height.

I’m 17 and 5’9’’ and 145 lbs. Although I think 5’9’’ is not a bad height at all I wish I had 2 more inches or so.
Also I have little hands I think…