Short mound

my son has just turned 10 we played rec ball up to this year now he is into travel ball he has allways pitched on dirt mound and long mound at pitching lessons now at the tournments they have the short mounds and his stride puts his foot halfway on the mound and it slides off what do most pitchers do if this happens he averages 58 but with this it goes down to around 50 and no control at all would wearing different shoes help maybe


Those turtle type mounds can really be a pain to pitvh off of with rubber cleats. I am assuming hes not wearing metal spikes yet.

My son wore turfs when he pitched off of artificial surfaces and would change shoes to play the field.

That’s a great suggestion turn

thanks i will try that at next practice at what age do they move to the longer mounds we will be playing 11u this fall he could play 10u next year but he really likes this team and he makes all the choices about baseball