Short arming

i did not realize it until lately that i short arm like a catcher. does anyone know any drills to help me reach back to get more on it. i found this out today when i went to a mlsb tryout and they said they where srprised that i was even throwing as hard as i did with an arm motion like that so does anyone know anyone know some drills to get me reaching back

There’s a good chance that the rest of your mechanics give you timing that “fits” with your short-arming. So, it will likely take more than just “reaching back” to change your arm. It all has to end up fitting together timing-wise so be prepared to work at this and make other adjustments.

I’d have to see you pitch to really make appropriate suggestions.

When Ed Lopat was with the White Sox, back in the mid-forties, he asked manager Ted Lyons (who as a pitcher was no slouch) for help with a few things. Lyons taught him the slow curve and also both the long-arm and the short-arm motions, which gave Lopat twice as many pitches as he already had. And when Steady Eddie was working with me, he taught me the short-arm version of my sidearm delivery to go along with the long-arm motion which I already had. So I can say that there is nothing wrong with using a short-arm motion; what this guy should do is learn the long-arm way of throwing to go with it, which would make him twice as effective. 8) :baseballpitcher: