Short and to the Point: Varsity Reliever for Junior Year

I’m starting one. I want to pitch at the Varsity level for my junior year. I pitched 2 innings my sophmore year this year. The senior class to be has a lot of pitching and my cousin is also a hard throwing pitcher so I have competition but I can do it for sure.

I am currently
162 lbs.

I workout as often as I can and I love piching and more importantly baseball. I had a good first year on varsity hitting. I was around 320 to finish the season off. I’d like to pitch though and I will have to pitch for sure my senior year. My cousin should be a good pitcher and I think if I can do decent then I could have a good senior season.

Next post will be about the summer.

Ok this summer. I’m playing in a league with some bad teams but there are also some good teams. My cousin and another junior to be senior varsity pitcher on the team. Well thats how it started. My cousin is out with a broken leg and the other kid is out with a screwed up knee for a week. Well I pitched before I did pretty good but now the league has split up into 2 divisions 1 good one and 1 bad one. We’re in the good one so today I had to pitch against the undefeated team.

Here are the very odd stats. I was a bit off today with the 2 walks and 2 HBP

3 innings
2 hits
11 runs
2 walks
2 K’s
2 HBP’s
5 errors!

Well I don’t have the earned runs but there were 5 errors I’m not exaggerating. I pitched well and the one hit by pitch was a curve that the kid dove into it wasn’t a bad pitch. Then I plunked a kid in the back. Against a good team I did my job but the fielders didn’t do theirs. Oh well thats baseball.

I throw a lot of cutters inside. Thats my best location pitch and my best swing and miss pitch is the cutter outside, but I can’t locate it very well. I usually just throw cutters and fastballs but I’m working in the spike curve and I used it maybe 5 times today the one K was on it and the kid looked surprised because I hadn’t thrown it a lot at all. I had a nice called strike a foul off and 2 balls. Its the pitch I need to throw them off balance and its finally coming in. I’ve never been a big time pitcher but now I’ll need to be my senior year so I’m taking it slowly. I can get hammered at times with the cutter but its also a great pitch that really throws kids off. I faced what I think were at least 4 varsity players. I badly need that curve but its coming. That will be the pitch to throw them off. Then I can go to work with the cutter. Once I get this curve it looks like my fastball and it should do some good work on these batters. I throw kind of slow so I’ll need location and off-speed. On varsity we’ll have 2 hard throwers and my coach loves to do fast pitcher slow pitcher or righty lefty. We have a hard throwing lefty and he’d love to have me pitch after him. I just need the location. When location is good the hitters have trouble. I have a lot to work on but I’ve setteled on pitches and I have a good amount of time to work on my stuff.

Love the dedication you got, good luck to you and do you have any videos of you pitching?

Some old ones but now I think I’ve gotten a nice solid model down as of now. But I’m currently pitching so I’m not going to throw a lot from the mound right now. There will be some videos soon to come though just wait. I got to grab my mound thats at a different location than my house now but once this season is over, around the end of July, I might play for a team in a tournament but starting August I will be throwing a lot of bullpens. My brother is a catcher and I have a wooden mound. So around August I will get some. Maybe I will do some of me just playing catch with my pitching mechanics but it’s still way too tough to see how I am on flat ground.

I don’t have the strongest desire to pitch, well now I know I can and want to really work on it. I just somehow ended up on this website and fell in love with the art of pitching. I think I know a lot I just have to put it to use.

Pitched today. I pitched quite a bit yesterday but we lost 4 players to injuries and we lost another pitcher to a conflict. So down 2 varsity pitchers and the the 2 better JV pitchers I had to pitch again. Well I didn’t start but the worse JV player did and let up like 12 runs with 1 out. I had an error though at SS which didn’t help him but I just got lazy with the amound of walks he had. Well it sucked we didn’t have a full team so there were a lot of errors. I went in and pitched maybe the first and 3 more. We got mercied. The final score was like 22-4 but not much we can do missing 5 starters. When I pitched there were a lot of errors too. I had a lot of innings that should have been shorter. But I didn’t care the errors didn’t bother me becuase my arm felt good and the more errors the more chances to pitch. The team was good too and had some good hits off me but I was also a bit tired from pitching the last game. My location was off. But there were a couple varsity players I knew so I made sure I pitched good to them. I worked my curve in even more and my cutter ouside. I gave up a couple good hits but for being tired I thought I did good. No doubles though. And the 2 good varsity hitters I knew the one made the first team as a sophmore catcher over 2 senior catchers. Well he grounded easily to short and then a throwing error. Then he popped up in no mans land and the SS should have had it but it fell in. Then he took a decent inside pitch the other way for a hit. The other kid on varsity I got him to strike out, I really set him up with the curve which I was glad that its starting to work well. Then I got him on a couple fouls then on the ouside corner with a cutter swing and miss. Then he popped up to the SS and he popped to the center fielder who dropped it not an easy play but a varsity center fielder would have had it. Or even our usual starter. So really just 1 hit in 6 at bats for the 2 good varsity hitters.

I think I worked on a lot today and even though we got killed it was a good experience. I walked more than I usually do but I was a bit tired and I also hit 2 batters which happened last game too and is unusual for me. Just unlucky I guess.

Now I’m going to Pittsburg to see the Cards play for 2 games this weekend. Come back and a game on Monday.

Well me and my brother are making a mound tomorrow. Once I get it up we have a game at night. I won’t pitch too many innings so I’ll warm-up and throw a little off of it if we get it finished tomorrow. Then I’ll post the videos in the Mechanics Analysis section. Then I’ll be able to get my mechanics all throughout August and into the fall.

[size=18]Wakeup Call[/size]

First playoff game today. In our league only half the league makes playoffs so we’re in the top half but we’re the bottom couple of teams. We were 1-1 against this team so far this year. So it is going to be a good game. I starter at short. 1 out and runner on first hit and run liner to me get the double play. Looks good. Batting third and I grounded out to the 3rd baseman. Next innings second baseman makes a diving stop almost caught it runner on first. Trys to steal I tag him out on my brothers throw from behind the plate. Then I popped to the SS and the next few innings I made 3 grounders at SS. So I’m having a good game so far. Its 0-0 runners on 2nd and 3rd. Ball hit to our RF since we have so many injuries my younger cousin was out there. For some reason they didn’t tag up. But…the pitcher got the ball and my brother wasn’t on the plate or ready to catch the ball and never yelled hold because everyone knew the kid didn’t tag except for the pitcher. He throws it over the catchers head and they score haha. We got the run back then the one kids 5 innings were up that hes allowed to pitch. At the plate I got an infield single. Now its my turn. First inning I pitch in the 1-1 game I walked 1 struck out 1 pop-up, and a ground out. Oh man next inning walk 1 kid pop one up and then I layed one right down the middle a kid hit a double the best hit of the game walked them off.

I haven’t seen much failure since being on varsity as a sophomore and I hit .330, I guess this is a last bit of “you need to work hard” for a pitching spot on varsity. I pitched good all year in this league and faced this team for a win before. That was by far the best hit I’ve given up all summer. Just at a bad time.

I guess this is good motivation for this offseason.

I worked out today, did a lot of stuff, took it pretty easy I want to do some throwing off the mound 100%. Need to work on more momentum and location of my cutter outside, 2-seam inside, curveball, 2-seam outside. In that order.

Next video, I worked on momentum but I had horrible control and bad velocity. I have to get used to the new stuff. I’m gonna have to work on all my stuff and just get used to the new mechanics.

I pitched today a little off the mound. My control was there and velocity felt good too. I think its starting to come together and I’m really using my shoulder and getting a little lower while throwing.

Oh and about my head I think that it did have something to do with it. I remember thinking after I didn’t do so hot throwing that I wans’t really looking at my target good.

I slowed down my momentum a tad bit but still got good extension and I felt I had good hip/shoulder seperation. It changes the release point a little but I feel that I can still have good control within a week or so. I"m going to longtoss tomorrow with a little mound work. I think I’m going to skip the curve for now and work on a circlechange. I use the circle-change grip and I still have good arm speed and it’s a slower pitch I just have to work on keeping it low. I think it will be better than a change-up. I remember facing a pitcher that threw such a bad curve it was like a change-up and was a lot harder to hit than a real curve.

I think the towel drill really helped me. Thanks guys I’ll have another video up soon.

Here’s me pithching today. I think I had a lot of differnet deliveries. I numbered all of them and if anyone wants to take the time or just say which ones they thought were best that I can model after they can. If anyone wants any slowed down I will do it just say which ones. I just want an idea of which look the best.

Oh and I’m not trying to cut my head off I just forgot to check and make sure everything was good. I think it was still good enough to see my legs though.



Well threw a softball today with the nieghbor girl whos a pretty good catcher and throws almost as hard as me haha. Good softball player but was compelled to throw with a softball today no biggie. Just worked on my screwball knuckleball and sinker. All pitches I don’t throw but are cool to throw on a softball. I’ve been helping out with my varsity coach whos having a baseball camp and my 2 younger brothers are in it. So I threw yesreday longtoss and none there today just helped instruct. But tomorrow I’ll throw some long toss again.

Now I have to make sure my girlfriend still likes me becuase she called when I was playing catch with the neighbor girl haha. No biggie her boyfriend was our ace this year on varsity he’ll be a senior next year. Great left handed pitcher.

I worked out today and set two new PR’s in clean and jerk, 145 and power clean 155 but missed 165. I was very close to 165 and probably could have done it. I also could have steppped up the C&J but I was exausted today I worked hard. But the football coach was the one opening the weightroom. So next week I don’t have anything but will be playing basketball and some baseball at night with a guy who helped coach my summer team. I’ll be getting out and throwing some. But no lifting. Then the week after even though I’m playing soccer the football coach said I could come to their conditioning camp if I was “man enough”. So that will help going into soccer. I will be throwing all during that but I’ll have to wait until school starts to begin my lifting again and I’ll be starting the weighted ball workout.

Pitched but didn’t feel 100%.

Well I haven’t throw in quite a while. I was busy all Saturday and Sunday and today I didn’t have a chance to throw. I think I have some work to do then I should be throwing though. I’m going to try and get another 100% video. My arm should be nice and rested and hopefully I can unload tomorrow. I should be throwing a lot harder.

Worked out for an hour today. New PR for the C&J up to 155 but a lot of kids were screwing around so I stopped before I got it up to 165 that I think I can do. I don’t know if my brother will be around to catch me. I’m going to footballs conditioning camp today from 630-7 so I should get a good workout there.[/GVideo]

Yesterday I played baseball with some people from 6-9 until about dark. Didn’t actually pitch but did some hitting and fielding. Maybe today I’ll get out there and throw 100%.

Worked from 8-1 today hauling wood so I’ll be sore. But I should be able to get a good bullpen in today.

It won’t let me view your vids. It says there private so I sent you a friend request.

Well Monday I had basektball from 12-3 and my brother was earlier 9-12. Then I had soccer at 630 so no chance to throw.

Today I went to basketball same thing, no soccer but I workout all year with football so I’m welcome at their conditioning camp so its good for me I need to get in shape. Tomorow though i can’t go to baksetball I’m retaking 2 regents exams thank you NYS. My regents average is 89 I need it up 1 point for the 90 which goes on my transcript as something good I guess. So I’m going to try and pull those 2 grades up. Then I’m going to throw hopefully off the mound. Then I’m going to football at 6 again do some conditioning.