Shopping for baseballs?


Anybody getting deals on baseballs? There is such a difference when you throw with a quality ball. I’m looking for real leather balls or quality blem balls.


You can get a dozen of practice balls for $40 on Amazon.


CBB-300 from champro has a cushioned cork center, wool winding, and leather cover. $39 on Amazon.
I think you are better off to stay away from blem balls. The covers may not be glued on straight leading to wavy stitch patterns. They are OK for BP, but not for bullpens.


I buy these, HS blems. They’ve been great if you don’t mind paying $40 a dozen.


$40 per dozen is about as cheap as you will consistently find a good baseball.
Be careful because you can spend a lot of money for terrible baseballs. The prices wildly fluctuate for the exact same baseballs depending upon where you buy them.

A1010 is a good ball–I would dare say a very good ball. I purchased 3 dozen blems however and I found some of the horseshoes were mis-shapen. Out of the 3 dozen, 7 of them weighed exactly 5 oz. The majority were 5 1/8 oz or 5 1/4 oz. There were two baseballs that were outside of the legal range of baseball specifications–which went directly into the BP buckets. Yes, I weigh my baseballs and put a different mark on the ball depending upon the weight.

The two dozen DBR-1 that I bought this winter were almost all 5 1/8 oz with a few at 5 and a few at 5 1/4. None of them were outside of the legal specified range. I liked them so much, I bought another dozen.

Now, all my A1010S balls are in the BP buckets and we use the Diamonds for pitching only.
I have ordered some of the Champro CBB-300s and I’ll be trying out the Baden Perfection 3B this summer when I need to replenish my supply because these are the official tournament baseball for my son’s HS league. I’ll let you know.