Shooting hoops bad for my elbow?

I play pitch but also want to play basketball. I am having elbow pain at the moment, and my coach says shooting hoops is really bad for my elbow. Is this true?

I’d find another coach, fast.

If shooting hoops was bad for the elbow we’d be hearing about elbow injuries in the NBA. But we don’t.

Hoops players don’t take as many shots in a game as a pitcher throws pitches in a game. And, most importantly, the arm doesn’t move as fast when shooting as it does when pitching.

I think it’s far more likely that your elbow pain is from pitching.

Has actually been happening to me too. I think it’s the combination of both basketball and baseball/lifting because when I played basketball, my elbow and some of my arm started to feel sore so my thought is that my arm is already hurt from baseball and is being inflamed from basketball.