Sholder injury

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

My sholder (front-upper)has been injerued for 1 year (It started with my curve ball). It becoming better with my exercises, but never recovered fully.

Please sombody recomend some exercises…

More information is needed.

What is the extent of the shoulder injury? Is there a doctor’s diagnosis? The excersizes you mentioned, are they yours or a pysical therapists’?

I diagnosed a doctor…
He said ‘a cartridge’ tissue has been damaged, and he recommended some exercises…
-Standing in front of wall > keep arm on 90’ degree (parallel to the ground) > push wall in several angles

-water bottle (1000 ml) exercise
-Start from leg, to front and to side (90’ degrees)
-Laying parallel to ground, side up and front up

20*each twice a day

That’s all I did. As I mentioned before, it become good but not entirely.

After about 6 month I played several games (because I am the Starter of My University Team.

During practices, It become worse, therefor I got a break and pitch the tournament…

It was quite good, no bad damages, but the pain is still there when I try to up my hand 180’.

So…I’m having an Idea to turn submarine pitching that gives me less pain on throwing. But it will lose my best pitch “Curve”…

This is very serious, because I’m getting ready for World University Baseball Championship…