I have to buy lots of shoes because I ruin the pitching toe (even through the tuff toe that I put on them) and I can never get the same shoes for very long. I try to stock up on my favorite Adidas but I don’t think they make them anymore. What’s the deal with shoe companies?!

Try getting size 14 cleats at a reasonable price. Sheesh. They only make the super special nice pro cleats in that size almost.

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention, I wear a size 17 (adidas) shoe.

thats all im gonna say

size 17. i would say it takes 2 tuff toes to fit that lol


First of all, shoe companies purposely allow their products to last only certain amount of time (ex. 6 months) for training. This forces the user to purchase an new pair, thus paying the shoe company.

My suggestion is to use the Nike pair I’ve used for almost a year now, the Nike Shox Area Code. It has a “built in” pitcher’s toe that works amazingly. I pitch during training, and I see no necessity to purchase a new pair of training shoes after 9 months of wear with this one pair.

strikeone, how do you keep ur cleats in that good of shape, or is that a pic from when you first bought them?

^ nah they were from when I first bought them; however, they still look almost the same. Clean them after each use, and be conscious about what you do in them, and they’ll stay newer, longer :wink:.

with a “not so average” foot Id look to NEW BALANCE.
I, with a recent onset of Morton’s Neuroma, had to look to a shoe
with a wider toe-box. and I have pretty narrow feet.
I had been going with nike for years, but they have a notoriously narrow toe which after 5 minutes my toes would go numb.

a nice lil touch on the 1100’s is a re-enforced pitching toe.
it doesent come up and enclose the toe, but its a lil extra.
you can actually get the 1100s for 49.99 at most places now.
since the 1101 & 1500s came out.
but the 1100s come in a true lo/mid/hi.

Id suggest everyone give that site a peek, I got my shoes a day later from there.