Shoeboy___23 pitching analysis

Watch “Shoeboy___23” on YouTube

Love to get some help with this. My son almost 13 never had any lessons or anything and his dad, me, knows nothing about pitching.

Thanks in advance

Delivery’s a little slow. It took almost 50 seconds to throw one pitch :wink:
In the first video at :27 secs he looks good but by :29 seconds he’s very hunched over. Let’s get him more upright and improve his posture. He’s following his lift leg downward with his upper body. That should stop unless he’s going to be a submariner. Also, his glove is still tight to his hip and the ball has moved behind him. The glove should be the same distance away from his body as the ball is. As his glove comes forward, his arm should be going straight back.
He also has what appears to be a short stride with very little forward hip placement during the lift. Lift and thrust should happen simultaneously. He’s also collapsing the back leg a bit much. He needs to get that posting leg out to a 45 degree angle from vertical with only a small bend at the knee. The straighter he can keep that posting leg, the further he can thrust his front hip toward the plate by the time he comes out of his lift and the closer he’ll be to achieving the 45 degree tilt.
His arm is up a bit early as well. At :31 his throwing arm should still be parallel to the ground. He has good glove position here, but his throwing arm is ahead of the lower half with respect to his timing. Getting up early causes the arm to pause while he waits for his foot to approach foot strike.
At foot strike his arm angle and ball position is a bit closer to his head than I’d like. That’s shortening his lever length for when his shoulders turn and he tries for external rotation.
Additionally, he retracts the glove to his body at :32 seconds instead of firing his chest to where the glove was at :31 seconds. This is also reducing the distance he’s covering during the stride.

Based on his elbow position at :33 seconds he seems to be throwing a curve ball. Still he should try not to get his elbow ahead of his chest and shoulders. From the camera angle he seems to be leading with his elbow.

His follow through seems to take him off balance toward first base when he should be following the pitch to the plate.

From this angle on the second video his mechanics look pretty good.

I see you have a line bisecting the baseball and it looks like he’s throwing a curve ball here. He’s probably got a decent 1-7 curve.

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Thank for the detailed response. Will take a while for me to digest it all but will definitely work on fixing the things u pointed out and post vids in the future.