Shine your baseball glove

Just out of interest. I was thinking, what if I spray some ‘pledge (for polishing leather + wood)’ onto my baseball glove. I’ve read the instructions and it says putting it on ‘leather’ will be fine. Therefore I’m asking for some advices or opinion to this idea.

There’s all kinds of stuff on the market for glove applications… and some home made stuff.

Just be very mindful of these applications leaving a film or residue on the ball when it’s game time.

I’ve have seen my share of plate umpires ask for the ball after a few deliveries, study it (ball), toss the ball out, reach into his ball bag, and put a new ball in play … only to ask for THAT ball … and again examine it.

What usually follows is a walk to the mound and it’s “let me see that glove son.” ANY, AND I MEAN ANY material that comes off your glove onto the the ball is reason… FOR EJECTION. Regardless of your intentions.

What follows you around for a while is that YOU CHEAT. You don’t want that. So, be very careful of your applications.

That application of furniture polish has been used for years by pitchers in the spring, and when rain is a constant problem. Some swear by the stuff because it doesn’t allow the glave to get soaked… as much.

However, never let that application … or any other for that matter, get into the pocket section or between the fingers.

And by the way, if you take care of your glove(s) by NOT tossing them on the ground, bench, or letting them get mixed in with dirty equipment like you spikes, your glove will last your for years.

^ nice post Coach.