Sharp shoulder pain?

17 years old, have been diagnosed with medical epicondylitis in my elbow but this year there is a new pain. When I was throwing last week, I felt a pop in my shoulder and my arm went numb. I kept throwing and driving home was miserable because I could barely move my arm. It felt like a deep pain in my shoulder. Every day since then I have stopped throwing except doing a couple warm up tosses before practice and it happens every couple of throws. The pain feels like it is deep in my shoulder, very sore/slightly painful right above my shoulder blade, and when I try to lift weights or carry heavy things it feels like my arm is about to fall out. Now I am noticing that I feel uncomfortable up by my neck. I have looked up different injuries and read all the symptoms and I fit nearly al of them for a slap tear. I’m just curious at to whether or not someone has personally experienced this and can tell me what to do.

I have not experienced it but I can tell you what to do…

  1. Stop throwing.

  2. Stop lifting weights.

  3. Go see an orthopedic doctor who will likely take an x-ray then send you for an MRI. That is the only way to know what is going on.

i agree with @TXJIM.
also try using a comfortable and soft pillow.
you can get a really soft and cool pillow from Nest Bedding Coupons. i really hope you will soon get rid of your pain :slight_smile:

My arm popped and had pain when I started throwing after 20 yrs. I had stabbing pain inside the joint. I soon realized I was throwing too hard too fast. I started long tossing and used exercise bands and after a month the pain and popping went away. You could have an injury or the pain is from shoulder dislocating from rotator cuff because not being conditioned and stretched out. I was throwing 64 mph when I first threw the ball and had these issues. Now I’m at 80 mph. So, get your shoulder checked and if there’s no issues take it slow and do exercise bands and slowly long toss until the rotator cuff gets stronger and more in shape. You should see the popping go away and less soreness. :slight_smile: