Share some of your experiences with shoulder injuries

I am a 21 year old and was just seen by my doctor and I was told that I have tendinitis. I am to stay away from any movement that involves my shoulder. I am young and know that I need to give it rest and will. But I am a little skeptical with rest and his diagnosis. Here is the deal I played two years Ju-co and two years summer ball, no problems then I transferred to a very big D2 school and made it thorough fall ball but towards the end of it I was beginning to feel a lot of tightness and not being able to get ‘warm’ I finished fall ball and decided I was through with playing there. Anyways that was late October when I decided that and hadn’t picked up a ball from that day until the beginning of April but in April I had sharp pain in my shoulder and couldn’t get warm like I was experiencing before I stopped playing I gave it a few weeks again but the same effect. Now it has gotten a little better now that I throw more often but it is hit or miss some days it hurts some days it feels good and when it feels good I only have a few innings of pitching in me…((so i am thinking to myself i had 6 months of rest and that didn’t help what is 2 weeks of rest gonna do for me. just wondering if any of these problems had plagued any of you or could share your symptoms of injury with me just for piece of mind…after the two weeks is up and no progress is made i am gonna get an MRI so I know for sure.

hey man… im 17 and i have chronic shoulder tendonitis… but its only a minor case. kinda ironic… but yeah. Last year (soph year) I went to a doctor that specializes in muscles… i 4got what type of doctor that is… but yeah he said i had tendonitis… so I took from… May - January (of this year off). I started pitching in early Jan. because we had this clinic for the team for pitchers… stupid on my part that we never really warmed up correctly. Went back again in late March, tendonitis… got an MRI got diagnosed with Minor Chronic R.C. Tendonitis. I only threw a few more times after that and now I’m resting. I went to phys. therapy and that helped a little, but the only real thing you can do is rest it or else itll get worse. Im currently lifting by following the workout I posted in the workout section by FAU… good luck man

I for one never had that problem in all the years that I played, but I’d like to share a story with you. In 1951 Ed Lopat pitched two games in the World Series and won both of them—his ERA was a horrendous 0.50!—but after the second win something happened and he suddenly could not lift his left arm. At the start of the 1952 season he got put on the shelf because the doctors could not diagnose what the devil was the matter with him. The weather may have been a factor. Then—he was telling me about this later—he suddenly remembered an orthopedic surgeon he had known in Chicago during his time with the White Sox, and he flew out to the Windy City to see him. The doc examined him and told him that he had tendonitis in his left shoulder (his throwing shoulder)—and he prescribed something that was definitely offbeat; I don’t think they do that sort of thing any more, but the prescription was a series of ten X-ray treatments. It worked, and when Lopat came off the DL he was pitching better than ever. From that point until the 1955 season (when he just ran out of gas) he racked up a 33-8 record.
I believe that the fellow with the shoulder problem should consult a good orthopedic surgeon—rest helps, but there needs to be something more that can be done.