"Shake Ball"

That could b a forkball, or a knucklecurve.

I don’t believe it. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. I was looking back in the archives, as I sometimes do when I’m awake at night, and I came across this baseball equivalent of the food fight I saw on a recent NCIS episode. I had to laugh, because some of these guys—Anyway, let me put in my 50 cents’ worth on the difference between the forkball and the split-finger pitch.
They are actually cousins, because they both use a similar (but not the same) grip, and they’re not what I’d call suitable for a person with a small hand. For a forkball, the usual grip is one where the index and middle fingers are spread so wide apart that the pitcher is actually holding the ball between them. And this places a terrific strain on the hand, arm, shoulder, heck, whatever you throw the ball with! The split-finger, or the splitter, is less extreme, because you just grip the ball with the fingers spread wide but not to that extent—just off the seams, as a rule. Sure, you throw both pitches with your basic fastball motion—but unless you have a large paw and long fingers it’s best to stay away from both pitches. If you’re looking for a pitch with a similar action, try a knuckle-curve.
Of course, whatever you throw, you have to have good control and command of your stuff. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: