Severe bicep muscle pain

I didn’t think you were defensive at all - don’t worry about hurting my feelings the main concern is getting your son healthy and back on the mound.

Can’t stress enough - rest, rest and more rest for his arm.

Please keep us updated as you continue rehabbing.

Good luck


     I'm not sure what issue your son is facing but I will give you what happened to my son. 12U son swinging a bat started to feel discomfort in his biceps. It progressively worsened when throwing/batting. The pain would actually move up and down the biceps area. 

Went to an Ortho, x-rays negative, got an MRI still negative. His prognosis was that he strained his labrum where the bicep ties into the shoulder. I was worried growth plate/slap tear, both were ruled out via the prvious x-rays/MRI. Started strengthening his decelerators and left the bicep alone until he could do band work with 0 pain.

It took over 6 months and he has been healthy for right at a a year now. Good luck!!!

i had that kind of bicep muscle pain that you describe your son has… however a little bit of it muscle relaxers (the reason why i have some experience with and such sites) and i have been absolutely fine minutes later. plus i got this muscle pain only once every few weeks so that wasn’t a big problem for me. so i just wanted to share a word of support and hopefully you and your son are both gonna be alright. come back with updates please…

Any updates on your son and what he has been doing? Any arm pain, follow up with doctor, any throwing, etc …

No throwing. He is doing the band exercises that they told him to do. Still having pain. We are going back this week. Depending on what they say, we may go to another doctor.

Sorry to hear he is still having pain. I would search out the best Sports Medicine Doctor in your area to get a second opinion. Preferably, one who has extensive work treating pitchers. Not all physicians are alike when treating sports injuries.

For instance, my daughter was playing college volleyball and complained of her back and buttock area hurting. She was advised by doctors that her back was having spasms and she needed to rest. After two weeks of rest, she began working out with the team, and again felt severe pain in her back. I brought her back home to have her checked out by back specialists that treat our NFL team and College athletes. She was immediately scheduled for an MRI that revealed three herniated discs. One was impinging on a nerve. Unfortunately, after physical therapy, she had to have surgery to relieve the pain.

My point is is that getting a second opinion from a specialist that treats pitchers may be your best bet.

Good luck and please keep us posted on the outcome. Any information provided could possibly help other young players in the future.

If I was to guess how is he on the deceleration side? How does he finish? Does he snap back? Does he allow the arm well across the body?

Any word on how your son is doing with his arm pain? Hopefully, all is well and he will be ready to pitch this season.

Did you have the MRI performed with the dye (contrast) or with out the dye. My son went through the same issue. He had the MRI done with the contrast because the dye fills in any tiny microscopic tears that can not be seen with a regular MRI without the contrast. The contrast MRI revealed a 10% tear in my son’s UCL. No surgery required. Couldn’t pitch or throw for 8 weeks. Went to first PT, but still had issues. Found a second PT that worked on his decelerator muscles. He throws 90+ as well. Because his arm action is so fast, his decelerator muscles in his scapula were not strong enough to efficiently stop the acceleration of his arm. Fortunately, working with the second PT, they taught him arm care which included stretching and various strengthening (scapula) exercise. Today he pitches without pain.