I know Paul Nyman has been known to lurk around the form every once in a while. I tried going to his website,, earlier and it doesn’t seem to be working. I have read his articles and was just curious to see what else might be available on his website. Is anyone else having this problem with the site?

We’ve got a few Setpro guys on LTP, and they may have a better idea about what’s going on, but I think he’s moving on to other things and not baseball these days.

That’s a shame. I enjoyed reading his articles and would love to get my hands on a copy of his “Rotational Throwing for Numbies”. Anybody know where I might lucky enough to find a copy?

I bought Tuff Cuff a couple years back and it was great stuff. I play at a top tier D1 school and TC was on point with all the stuff we do here (running, throwing, lifting, arm care…) You don’t really hear much talk about the ideas that Nyman discusses, and I was just curious about reading a little more into it. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Setpro is practically dead, only kept alive through the people that have been studying under Nyman for the past 10+ years. I’ve tried to get RTFN and the throwing program, but it seems he stopped manufacturing about 3 years ago. Even long before that, a lot of people that placed orders never got their packages.

If you search “Setpro Paul Nyman” on Google, you can still use the cache button to view some of the unpaid forum discussions. As far as the paid discussions, I assume them to be gone forever. It’s pretty sad really, all of that valuable information lost.

I managed to salvage one link of Robert Stock, Setpro’s most famous student:

Thanks for the info, 7steps. It really is a shame that all of his hard work and research has been lost like that. Thanks again though for the post and the link.

Robert. Stock’s. Stuff. Is. Plain. Nasty.

where can i see his stuff?

Robert’s catching now at USC though, isn’t he?

Robert Stock caught and pitched for USC through last season but he went pro after last summer’s draft.

His younger brother, Richard, is now a Freshman catcher at USC.

I’ve got RTFN and had a couple hundred posts at the SETPRO forums when Nyman claimed he was moving the site to a different server. It came back for a month, saying a new website was under construction or something like that, but then disappeared again so I don’t know what the deal is. I’m actually visiting connecticut next week so I might try to swing by Nyman’s listed address or send him a letter asking what is going on, because he doesn’t even respond to email anymore.

that’s a good clip of stock. I’ve got a couple of him hitting 95 at 15, but I don’t think I should post them publicly.

Nyman was famous for his incredible 3D simulations. Ryan, Smoltz, Colon and Lincecum were some of his best. It’s a huge shame that he has taken down the website and just disappeared. What a brilliant guy, even if he did rub a lot of people the wrong way.

also, RTFN is an interactive ebook and it requires a custom activation code to use. Plus it’s about 20+ hours long so it would be near impossible to share even if one wanted to.

That’s pretty cool if you meet him.

Why not?

Wow, I’m butchering this quote button.

There you go. Fixed now. Basically you need a tag to open the quote that has the word “quote” inside of square brackets [] and one to close that opened one that has a slash “/” before the word “quote”. You had the slash mark missing in the tag to close the quote. That’s all.

I’m not posting them without consent from Rob or Greg Stock, both of whom I’m trying to get in touch with.


… who remember and appreciate what I tried to do with SETPRO.

I did reopen SETPRO on a new server. There appeared to be very little if any interest by the hard-core few who still had access to the private forums. Also the form software came under phishing attack and I was forced take them down ( forum software security problem).

I did purchase new forum software and had intent to open the forms up again but as I said previously they appear to be very little if any interest in the forums.

Too bad especially when I watch performances such as Lincecum’s opening day mastery over Houston i.e. wouldn’t some of you like to know how the body really throws the baseball 100 mph?. Or more importantly how almost anyone here can learn what it takes to add 10 mph fastball??

Again thanks to all those who have kind words for me and SETPRO.

Paul Nyman[/i]

When SETPRO shut down, it left a large void in where to go to get a good review of pitching mechanics. I dont belive that has been filled anywhere.
The website was very exciting in the early 2000’s especialy, when some very smart people were brainstorming on pitching mechanics. Alot of that has since been packaged up and sold by others.
I was/am a long time fan.

coachxj - I sent you a PM.

For those that might be interested I’ve posted some comparative clips of the Lincecum Oswalt opening day match up in the clips forum. Hopefully we will hear some of the thoughts and opinions of both elders and youngsters on this site… as few match ups offer a greater opportunity to learn…and few match ups are more intriguing?? :wink:

No doubt the opinion of an old vulture would also be most welcome! :thumbsup:


All I have to say is, if you ever do decide to return to the world of higher throw learning, you have a willing student right here, as well as a good bit of others on this site.