Setpro Compilation

I myself do not own Setpro, nor will I probably ever own Setpro. I know a few people on this site have the book, and thought it would be nice to make a thread sharing information about it. From what I understand, Paul doesn’t really care about money, so I don’t think he would mind this. But if it isn’t allowed then oh well I guess.

Thanks if you contribute…

Is that the program??

just some ideas

setpro in and of itself is not a “program.”

yes, Nyman came out with a backwards chaining progression and a weighted ball program. But just as important as the actual programs themselves are the ideas and concepts that form the basis of these programs.

I’m not going to try to get into the mechanical part of setpro and throwing (not that I 100% fully understand it or will ever) because that would not really be possible in this format

but some ideas:

weighted ball training works if done properly.

a player must be very very well physically trained to help prevent injury. 99.9% of players are unprepared to throw a ball at max effort.

velocity is necessary to reach the higher levels of the game. It becomes less important at the highest levels of the game but if you don’t throw 85+ mph it should be your #1 priority.

there’s more but that’s just a flavor of setpro


How does Nyman’s backchaining drills compare to the Wolforth’s backchaing drills. Are there any Nyman has that Wolforth doesn’t?

I read through much of what was posted. It appears that long-toss is not suggested as a proven way to throw harder.

Okay, so I read through everything in the link above, and it looks like someone just archived a bunch of “real” Setpro links and created a new website that is totally bogus. First off it lists Dr. Mike Marshall as a repuatble source and degrades long toss. I know for a fact that Nyman is a proponent of Jaeger.

I also called all of the numbers and got no response (suprise suprise :roll: )

Still there is some great info in the “old” section.

BTW, the link for the pay for view forum is back. If anyone would like to PM me their login info I would really appreciate it. I wouldn’t think Paul would care since the site has been shut down.

Actually it’s from the “way back machine”, so it’s not fake.

And Paul doesn’t respond to anything. Not many people, unless you know him personally, can get a hold of him.


And all of this is on a “so I heard” basis

… on line in a “Read Only” mode.


[quote=“coachxj”]… on line in a “Read Only” mode.


Thank you so much!


Is there any way to view the pay per view threads if we were not previous members?

The forums will be reopened shortly and ALL (10+ years) forum content will be available to REGISTERED users only. Registration is free. All previous user accounts are deleted. Therefore anyone who wishes access to ALL forums must register.

Also I will be BLOGGING as time (and motivation) permits, again only available to REGISTERED users.

Thank you for your continued support.

Paul Nyman"


Thank you for putting the Setpro forum back up. I hope some day you will allow us to buy your ebooks again.

Thank you once again