Setpro BWBK

My first post here. I believe I was one of the first players to use the setpro bwbk back in 98/99 when it was sold via Collegiate Baseball or Baseball America. My father ended buying the throwing program along with the bat speed trainer. Unbelievable results and best money I ever spent. Over time the bat speed machine died(though it lasted me through high school,college, and the minor leagues) and I misplaced my coaching binder losing the throwing program.

My question is:

Does anyone have a copy of the BWBK (weighted ball program) from Setpro that they could possibly post or pm me?

Thanks so much - I have been lurking here for quite some. I enjoy a lot of the discussions!

Still looking -


You have a PM

Talk to coachxj he is Paul Nyman

I knew it was Mr. Nyman. I didn’t want to bother him as I see he isn’t that active anymore. I am glad he is back on the white horse defending and explaining the inverted W. It has reached insanity with the arm injury crowd to the point that some of the people who play on emotions have even been able to weasel there way into some mainstream media outlets. Truly sad and it’s no wonder why soon the majority of Major League Players will be Latin born. We have the best facilities and resources in this country yet our kids are usually terrible at throwing and swinging and a very small % of Latins relatively speaking is dominating our national pastime. Pretty damning to our coaching methods and both the baseball and social culture here.

I studied SETPRO starting in 2005. Even with a solid baseball background I rarely posted because I felt at the time I had little to contribute. Even today, I still marvel at what I pick up from the site. I was a paid member and have all the eBooks (even though I changed computers and can’t get them to work and my email is no longer in use which I registered the products on) I liked the “teach your son how to hit/throw the $^@#& out of the ball” because it gave you a lot of information regarding the process yet you still had to figure out what works. Trial and error sped up is quite effective. The numbies eBook was worth 10 times its cost because the backwards chaining methods included is the best throwing series I have ever seen.

Please come back to the internet instructional world Paul - and shoot me a pm if you can find the BWBK program laying around!


Sorry I have not responded sooner to your post. I don’t check this particular form very often I spend most my time on mechanics portion.

When get a chance I will dig out a copy of the BWBK and provide you a link where you can download it.

Thanks for the kind words.

Paul Nyman


Please check your Private Messages.

Thanks Paul and LankyLefty!

coach xj you have a PM.

Mr Nyman I purchased RTFN when it first came out. My HD died crashed so it no longer works, how could I get RTFN again?

Reviving an old thread.

I have visited the setpro site and was unable to purchase the Rotational Throwing for Dummies. A few days of searching brought me to this site.

My son 12U is one of the bigger kids on his team but his arm strength (measured by OF throwing distance) is at the bottom. He has been passed over during tryouts due to his lack of arm strength. Where can I get a copy of this?

Thanks in advance!!

Arm strength is a misnomer (My opinion). What is really happening is the transfer of momentum from the body in conjunction with the action of the arm. At 12 years old and a bigger kid he should have no problem achieving parity or even better with respect to his ability to throw the baseball.

Possibly your son is pushing the baseball. As opposed to whipping the baseball. This is where drills such as backwards chaining become very important and critical to developing proper throwing mechanics.

Someday soon I hope to resurrect the Setpro throwing instructionals.

Thank you for your interest.