Okay right now I am a junior in high school and am 5’11 only weighing 140 lbs. I live in Iowa and the weather isnt always great but i am fortunate enough to have an indoor batting facility just down my street.

Anywho… A yankees scout was there and saw me pitch and was extremely impressed and gave me his e mail and cell number so lately we have been keeping in touch. He had a juggz gun in his car and clocked me throwing 88!!! i thought the damn gun was broke and i guess so did he. so he called some other guy up and he brought his gun. and i got clocked at 89!!! on both of the guns.

Now i might be wrong but how many 140 lb. kids can throw the damn ball 89 mph? and accurately too! and the scout didnt even think that was my best pitch. He said my best pitch was my change up, which ive been told a lot. He gunned my change at 78 by the way.

I want your peoples thoughts and opinions.
Thank you!

  • Alex

Congratulations, why don’t you get a video up of yourself. We would all love to see your mechanics.

Not that many is the answer you’re fishing for.

okay well im working on a prospect video right now for this off season but these are from when i was a freshman only 5’7 115 lbs. lol. i through about 78 then…

What were your pitching stats last year at your school?

For 5’11 you’re a little underweight. If you were 5’11 165 and could consistently throw 86-88 you could probably get recruited by some good schools in your area.

hmmm? so your saying i should try to be 165 so i can throw just as hard as i am right now? that makes sense?

8 complete games (one game i through 10 innings, followed by a complete 7 inning game the following day against the 8th ranked team in the state)
2.12 era

Or he was trying to say you should try and be 165, because you never know if you have more potential than the crazy gift you have right now. That make sense?

yeah just the way he put it i guess ddnt really make sense. but im going to my batting cage now so i will have some videos up here in the next 2 hours

I just happened to come across this tonight, while looking at hitting workouts, followed a link to a professional baseball trainer.

This is what he said.

[quote]Every baseball player wants to throw harder. After all, isn’t that what the scouts look for?

Yes and No. A scout will always be impressed by a blazing heater, but there are several other characteristics a scout looks for prior to drafting a player. Physical development and stature are very important indicators of how well a pitcher will hold up through the duration of a long season. Physical development and stature will also show if a player has reached their full potential.

The point I am trying to make here is that scouts look to draft athletes that have strong durable bodies. There are currently enough contracts in the Big Leagues held by guys that have a history of breakdown. You could throw 150 mph, but if you are hurt, what good are you?

The secret to a faster FASTBALL is simply building a body that is strong, STABLE, and powerful. The first goal to any good lifting program is to build stability around the joints while at the same time stabilizing the core. If your body as a whole is stable, you are less susceptible to injury and therefore become a more valued asset to your team.[/quote]

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Why the heck are you guys on here trying to discourage this young man about his size? The kid has some serious hand speed. If anything, if I were a college recruiter I’d be even more impressed, and look at his size as potential upside when he gets on a real workout program, and fills out his body. Heels, you’re going to have plenty of critics the rest of your career, never worry about these guys. They will never have any bearing on your success. Focus on what you can control, and you will do just fine. Congratulations, and keep working hard.

I second this.


Heelan, you might want to try and be a little more humble about it and others will show you respect. By humble, I mean you could said your first post differently, because it came across as fishing for praise; you’ve got the skills that you don’t need any one to tell you how good you are or how rare it is that someone your size throws as hard as you do.

Thanks, and good luck in your career.

umm whatever? anywho. thank you hammer for being supportive unlike some other people.

Heelan, I will not preach to you, but I will only offer you my opinion on the situation.

You came across as bragging, plain and simple. I got that impression, but chose not to say anything at first. Others also got that impression, and posted their feelings. If you are going to post on public forum, be prepared to back up your statements.

The following quotes come across as arrogant:

A much better way to have gotten your message across is this: [quote]Dear Forum: I am a junior in high school and was recently clocked by multiple radar guns at 88-89 mph. A scout for the Yankees saw me pitch and has been in contact with me. I am a bit taken aback and this situation, as I was not aware that I threw with this magnitude of velocity. One might think that in order to throw such speeds, one would need to weigh more than my 140 lbs. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on my situation, as well as any advice you can offer my young mind! Thanks! [/quote]

You ended your post with [quote]I want your peoples thoughts and opinions.
Thank you![/quote]
Well my friend, that is exactly what you are getting…our opinions, and thoughts…

well excusseee me bill shakespeare

This is disappointing to see a kid with such talent have an attitude problem. Honestly, I think that we are seeing this more and more than we used to. Now Heelan, please, please, please cut the attitude right now and start listening to these people because some of them have been through it already and are good examples for you to listen to.

If you do have the talent that you say you do, then you need to get your head in the books, getting good grades, and focusing on the next level. The next level isnt just being a great baseball player, its about being a man. And with being a man comes discipline, respect and hardwork.

Coaches will kick you off the team for an attitude problem and no team will pick you up if you have attitude problems because no one person is bigger than the team. Remember that when scouts and college coaches start looking at you, the reason they came to look at you is because of your skills, but the reason they are thinking about taking you is because of who you are as a person.

Just some food for thought, think about your future today

Wow, dang, looks like I backed up the wrong kid. My bad, to most of the people on the forum. In his first post it looked like he came off a little cocky, but I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Geez was I wrong. Wow. Why did you even make your first post Heels? You wanted comments, you got some, and now you’re being arrogant? You have a nice arm, and maybe some upside, but as you’ll soon find out, pitching is a mental battle.