Serious Poll please answer and reply. Rawtalent

When i throw 3/4 over hand Its pretty good. High 80’ fastball. Not much movement though. Disguting splitter and nasty slider and a circle changeup

When i throw side arm its id say 85 mph moving 2 seam, changeup, nasty slider, sinker.

What do you suggest?

both. u can be like el duque

you think the college coach would except me doing it.

"you think the college coach would except me doing it. "

Yes, no, maybe, if you are successful things will iron out, sounds like you have reasonable speed, I’d work on developing and conditioning dominate where you are and let the chips fall, we had a kid this tear that featured multiple arm angles and was just about unhittable, if he had you pop he would have had a whole bevy of scouts watching him (Don’t think he stayed above 83. As it was he has had some smaller schools talking to him, so there you go, we’re in Florida so it’s competitive and this guy got every opportunity.