Senior Year

Just completed my junior year of varsity baseball and summer ball program. I want to become better and have the determination to do it. One of my coaches turned me on to this site. My name is Nick as you can see. I need help with a good offseason workout program to increase some velocity and keep my legs and rest of my body in good shape. Hoping for a good senior year to impress some scouts! I had a terrible injury last year during practice. We were doing some sprints and running bases towards the end of practice and as i sprinted down to first base I felt some pain in my left hip (my landing leg). Stupid me decides to stick it out instead of saying something and we began first to third runs. As I was rounding second base I heard a pop and immediately felt an enormous amount of pain. I looked down to see my growth plate popping out from my hip. Turns out my muscle popped it out and it took me two weeks, which at the time was a very quick recovery but not a full recovery, to throw and light jog with some pain. I pitched through the pain and probably developed some bad habbits to compensate for my left hip. I still feel pain sometimes and am worried to start working out for next season. Any advice? Thanks everyone, Nick.


Not sure what to sy about the hip, though. You should be getting advice from your doctor or physical therapist. After that, this site can help out with the mechanics and conditioning though you’ll have to determine which conditioning is appropriate for your condition.