Senior year

This video was made a few weeks before our season opener. Please let me know what you think about mechanics and everything. I am a little wild in the video, but you can see the condition of the mound and its a cold windy day. I’m not too worried about the being wild part right now, just let me know what you think of the mechanics and everything.

Right now I’m sitting at about 83-84mph in games. I’m a senior in High school looking to play college baseball. If you have any insight on what level would be good for me that would be great (as far as Div 1, 2, 3, junior college etc…). I do realize I only throw fastballs and I think one curve with no change ups or anything but whatever you see that would help would be great.

Here is a different angle:

mechanically wise I think you look solid. You may want to try and get your hips moving towards the plate a bit sooner. Your follow through looks a bit abrupt when you pitch from the stretch, you may not be getting enough momentum into it.

college wise: lets just start off with a 83-84 mph fastball is a pretty solid fastball and it looks like it has some movement too it. If you haven’t really developed a whole lot of offspeed that will hold you back some. Although, given the fact that you are pretty skinny, you could probably bulk up some and gain velocity which will be a plus for you.
Realistically I would say that you probably would succeed best if u went DI-DII. You seem like you are kind of raw and not greatly polished yet, so spending some time at a DI or DII school you would likely get some to get things together before they count on you too much. At DIII you might not get a whole lot of time to get polished before your in the rotation or bullpen.

But ultimately go to the school you want to go too. DIII schools have players drafted every year, if thats your ultimate goal.

It appears that as you begin to throw, you are pulling your glove in, and trying to gain velocity by pulling your front side out. This could be why you were wild in the video. Other than that everything looks fine. Focus on bringing your chest to your glove, rather than pulling your glove to your chest. As far as college goes, I would recommend a JUCO or reputable D2. I’m from NC and there are many D1 D2 and D3 schools in the area, along with very good (Region 10) Junior Colleges. I would do some research into any school you would be interested in. I failed to do so and ended up with a bad experience at a D2 school. As a senior I was 86-88 topping out around 90 or 91 with 4 developed off speed pitches. I transferred out from the school I was at, and went to a Junior College where I was much happier and received much better instruction. If you want to help your chances out, talk to your coach and see what he would recommend for you, and see if he would be willing to help you get your name out to colleges in your area. Any school with interest I would suggest taking a visit to, and make sure you ask a lot of questions about the program, the coaches experience, their(the pitching coach) views on pitching, and also about the school educationally. Remember, the first thing you have to do is be a student, being an athlete is a privilege.

you look pretty good mechanically at first glance. Could add about 20-30lbs of muscle. Would probably get you close to 90 mph. Read up on Cressey’s website on how to do this.

how tall are you?

You are not stepping online. You are closing yourself off, thowing across your body.

Well I don’t think you’ll get much more without involving your bottom half some. I wouldn’t want to try to maintain that 84 using all arm on a college inning load. I see this a whole bunch on this site. Guy’s who get to the mid 80’s or just under and hit the wall. Take the time and just float on back for as many threads as you want and it’s the same story. What you’ve done is get as much as a body can get out of an arm…I’m convinced of this…the best arms (Excepting freaks of nature but that is another thread, I’m talking “mean” avg.) only guys top out mid 80’s, the “art” or secret of getting beyond that really isn’t much of a mystery honestly. You absolutely need to integrate building your power “from the ground”. That means you use the bottom as the basis and initiator of the velocity you bring, to do this means you need to transition from that base through your body to the final end at release in a coordinated and perfectly synched manner. The cue “getting the hips moving” is an exhortation to create momentum. The hips have to “keep up” or your posture and timing will just tank.
I’d say the path for you to the high end of the 80’s are just that, use the bottom half, gain some muscle mass and condition and perform arm care until you are under the care of a college coach.
Your school will depend on many things, grades, school of choice, the needs of your school of choice, how you perform this season and summer…citizenship, is your coach helping or not…man thats just a few.

I’m 6’ 3" and 162lbs

My coach doesn’t do anything as far as talking to college coaches really. I’m kind of split on what college I want to go to. For a variety of reasons it has come down to Franklin Pierce (D2) and Salem State (D3). I’m not sure where I want to go but if anyone knows anything about these colleges let me know what you think. I am going for a Business Major.

What do you guys think I could do with baseball. I always just assumed I would hang it up after High School or College but all this talk of a fastball in the 90’s sounds good to me.

Should I make another video with different angles or anything? Is there anything else you would like to see?

So far this season I pitched a scoreless inning against St. John’s Prep, and two innings allowing 2 runs against Swampscott High School. We have only played those two games and this season I am the closer.

I’m struggling most with keeping my change down and consistent movement on my change. Also, I am trying to develop a good two seam fastball but I leave it high a lot.

jdfromfla, do you have any drills that would help me?

I never have any arm pain really and I can pitch basically everyday. I’ve made back to back starts throwing over 100 pitches in each start without really hurting myself, so am I really using that much arm?

I do feel like I almost short step and don’t stride far enough but it feels really awkward when I try to stretch out my stride.

and Lankylefty, do I do the reverse forearm bounce thing, and is it a problem for me?

For a little info on the league I’m in:

We play some pretty good teams. We are currently ranked 3rd in the state and we were 2nd in the state last year.

Last year I had two teammates go on to play D1 college baseball. Our captain and 2nd baseman Ryan Cusick is leading off for UMass Amherst and our ace from last year Dylan Maki is pitching for Northeastern University. Our two captains this year (Conor Ressel and Brett Cahill) have both committed to play D2 UMass Lowell next year. Our Ace this year has committed to playing at UMass Boston, and I am still not sure what I am going to do. We play a lot of good, talented players such as Hunter Gordon (now at Boston College), Matt Cook (committed to Northeastern), Mike Yazstrzemski (freshman at Vanderbilt), Chris Carmain (freshman at Northeastern) among many others.

Our team lost to BC High in the state Semi Finals last season and we are looking to build on that. We beat Waltham, Lawrence, Lincoln-Sudbury and St. John’s Prep on our way to the state Semis.

Whoa there dude…lets not get to radical or even unmeasured changing now in season. My suggestion would be a whole lot of lunge oriented conditioning, core stuff. I think you being stronger in the torso would really be the first step…you can look into and possibly even begin low level strength increase stuff, mostly though wait and just continue to dominate and pitch freely and comfortably this season. Look Bo consider it this way, your physical body is not conditioned to accept a larger load on your arm…in season. To do so is really positioning you for a sore or injured arm…this isn’t the time for that now. Mid to low mids is way good enough for even lower level D-1 leagues if you have the grades and are a solid citizen and continue to perform at a very high level you have every reason to believe you can have success at the levels you mentioned.
You need to ask your coach if he is willing to advocate for you. If not don’t let it stop you, you need to get to making some choices and getting some ideas…get with your folks on this and get busy. Being prepared now will save a whole bunch of worry later…in the what…6 months until the fall season starts?

if you play lincoln sudbury then you are very very close to Cressey Performance. Their team has been working with CP and cressey told me the team now has about 10 guys throwing over 80 and a couple over 90mph. Last year they had just a couple over 80.

If you think he’s just about strength though, you’re wrong. He’s surpisingly knowledgable about throwing mechanics as well…and along with Matt Blake was able to identify the root cause of my chronic back pain in just one short 20 min bullpen session with him.

Matt Blake is absolutely ahead of the curve when it comes to throwing mechanics so if you did decide to check it out you would be in very good hands.

At 6’3" you could get to 200-205lbs and still be lean, quick and explosive, and a frickin beast.

I was your weight 2 years ago. Now I’m in the 195 range throwing much harder.

They are just over an hour from my house, that’s pretty cool. I’m going to half to contact them. Lankylefty, do you ever head up there at all?

I visited last month. Very cool place. I still email back and forth with cressey.

what do they offer as far as pitching lessons? I can’t drive up there continuously because it is over and hour and I have work/school/baseball. Do you think one lesson with them is worth it or can I send videos and stuff? Of course I could just email them, but I’d like to know what you’ve been doing with them and how much it costs.

I emailed him and set up a visit. Of course, you can get a lot of info for free on his site, but I was just suggesting a visit given how close you are to the facility, and the good experience I had.

I’m not going to say anything else or people will start accusing me of being affiliated with Eric haha.

haha alright dude thanks, I’ll definitely contact them