Senior righty fall league video


I haven’t been on here in quite awhile, but thought I’d throw up some (not real good) video of my son pitching in his fall league for your entertainment. He’s a senior this year and he’s had some looks from some smaller schools, but he’s really not sure if he wants to pursue it after HS. Of course, I’d love for him to continue on, but I’m not the one who has to put the work in :grinning: He’s not a fireballer, but he’s got a lot of swing and miss stuff.


He seems to have good form, form that’s sustainable. I really like his complete pithing cycle - he stays with the pitch all the way through his release phase.

By the way, one of the reasons why his pitch is so hard to pick up sometimes, is that his finish has him down, and not popping up during his release. This downward bending into the pitch, actually blends his body as background to the incoming ball, thus giving the batter a slight focusing reflex. This focusing reflex is the batter’s eyes uncontrollably - just for a split second, on him then on the ball, and possibly repeating itself. This focusing reflex is one of the reasons why a pitcher can not have a white sleeve or similar item/apparel on his pitching arm/hand. In fact, the uniforms for a club I was on had to reorder because the emblem on the upper right sleeve had a logo on it that looked like reflective tape when under the lights during night games.

Overall he looks good. What is his repertoire? Would you mind telling me his height/wt/age and what part of the country he lives in? If this is too personal for general posting, you could PM me. I’d be very interested in passing that along. He looks mature, good presence, and worth looking at by others.


Just sent you a PM - thanks!


Opens up his front leg too early, kills his separation. Other than that it looks pretty solid.


That angle does kind of make it look like he’s opening up a little early on the lower half and he could definitely use a little more lower body acceleration, but it all appears to be working for him for now. I’ve got some straight on video last night I’ll post that show’s his mechanics a little better. Just noticed though, that he switched from starting on the end of the rubber to the middle. I’ll have to ask him about that.


He looks good!!! I like his approach and presence.


This was from last Thursday - straight on view. Throwing across his body a bit but getting the job done. He’s going to work on getting more lower body drive this week.