Senior Project

Do any of you or did any of you have to present a senior project in order to graduate high school?

I did mine today and I thought I did really well and put a lot of work into it but apparently I have to do it again. It was on creating a web-based photography business.

They said they don’t think I put as much time in as I claimed and that I don’t have enough detail in the financial portion of it and that I need to have evidence of contact with outside sources.

However, other people that had other panels for their project got by without their proposal letter (required), worked hours log (required) and one kid even presented the wrong thing for part of it.

Another project was on throwing every single pitch in baseball, and the project is supposed to be applicable to help you in your life and I fail to see how knowing how to throw a bunch of mediocre baseball pitches will help you in life.

I’m really upset with it and if they don’t pass me the second time I’m going to appeal to the vice-principal and if he doesn’t like it then I guess I will have to get the law involved seeing as they cannot hold a diploma from me when I have all my credits. It’s like if you don’t pass this project then your K-12 experience has been a waste. I’m really frustrated.

I think you are better than this and you know it. Anytime you justify your work by comparing it to other underachievers, you do yourself a diservice. All three of my kids did a “senior project”. All three passed with perfect scores. Does that mean they were better than your project? Heck no!!! All it means is that they got perfect scores. One created a crimestoppers webpage…one made a video of her 15,000 foot skydiving experience and one spoke to hundreds of elementary students about helmet safety and brain injuries and gave a new helmet to each kid on their way out the door. All different…

Personally, I’m no fan of the idea of a senior project because some kids don’ t have the resources others do. Some kids are simply at a disadvantage right out of the gate. It becomes a popularity contest. But you have to ovecome all that. It’s you against them. That’s why I like the life lessons that pitching teaches. You must become determined. Determined to succeed no matter what the obstacles. And you do it for personal pride. Nothing more and nothing less.

Religions teach lessons of determination all the time. Christianity is full of examples. Zacheus, the short tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus, the teenager David who killed Goliath, the giant with a little sling shot, Joushua shouting the walls of Jerico down. You want a modern day example…Tim Tebow. I don’t know a guy who has been as successful as Tebow and has taken more verbal abuse than him lately. And he does this with such class. Don’t make the mistake and think he’s not determined. No matter what you do…there will always be people telling you that you aren’t good enough. So what? You prove them wrong and then throw them in the ice tray.


Very strong points Dino, I understand what you are saying.

I guess I’m just disappointed. After all the time and effort I put into it, having all the required components I failed. I just feel like I got hosed especially considering people passed without required components.

I’m sure I’ll feel differently tomorrow but right now I’m just so disappointed that it wasn’t good enough.

Our school is terrible though. There is no denying it. We have the lowest graduation percentage (because requirements change every year) and it’s got the second lowest test scores only to a school on a reservation for the Washakie.

You’re right about it being a popularity contest, in fact our school is like that all the time. School athletes (does not include baseball in WY) are the 4.0 kids even though when you slap a book in front of them they stumble through it like a kindergartner reading a chapter book. These were the same types that passed without the required components of the project.

I admit though, you are correct I shouldn’t let the fact that I got hosed get me down instead I should just do what I need to in order to be successful.

Religion does talk a lot about determined people, I would add Job to your list. Although I don’t believe in a God per say I do study religion a lot because great morals and values can be taught in them.


I admit though, you are correct I shouldn’t let the fact that I got hosed get me down instead I should just do what I need to in order to be successful.[/quote]

This is a good point … and it applies on the baseball field, too, just as it does in the classroom or in the work force after school/baseball, etc. Kep you head up, P!

:bigtup: [quote]So what? You prove them wrong[/quote]

My new quote…