Senior Pitching Mechanics

I started this topic right now in order to save myself time later today. This eveneing I wll be posting two pitching videos of myself in the windup and stretch. I will throw a total of 6 pitches. I will throw a fastball, curveball, and change up from the windup and stretch, from the 3b view and centerfield view.

Here are some quesitons I would like to be answered or oberserved:
Pitching speed?
How is my arm action? Am I still hitching?
How is my arm speed on all my pitches?
Overall motion?
Leg drive? I’m trying to push with my back leg later in my motion. Is that the right thing to do? Does it give me more drive through the ball?
How are my offspeed pitches?
Anything else that you see that needs to be fixed?

I will be focusing on my leg drive and having a fluid arm motion when I pitch. I will also be trying to keep my shoulders closed as long as possible and not worry so much about my hip rotation. I believe if I can keep my hips will open up no matter what, and it’s just a matter of creating torque by keep my shoulders closed until my hips rotate.

Look for my videos this evening!

I wll post any other questions I have about my motion then. Thank you in advance!

I don’t know if it would help anyone looking at my video,but I can make the video in slow motion. Let me know if would like me to do that and to what slow motion speed. I wil use Windows movie maker, so what value I can use on there I wil.


If you could also put up a slo-mo vid, that would really help

Can do. They might have to wait until tomorrow. They will be up after the regular speed videos for sure. Depends on how well everything transfers from the movie maker to youtube. I will put them up as soon as I can.

My videos will be up in a about 30 minutes. Youtube is taking a long to up load them.

I threw 6 pitches from each view. 3 from windup and stretch. I threw a fastball, change, and then a curve (no sliders) in both videos.

I also will have the slow motion of both of the videos.

Actually each video might take 25 minutes to upload so it might be a while. I guess YouTube doesn’t like load wmv files.

I’ll post the actually videos on here later tonight, but I have stuff I have to do right now.

you can look at my channel in my signature and check them out.

I messed up when I was editing my video so only my first three pitches from the windup are in slow motion. The last three are in regular speed. Sorry I’m not too good with computers. Hopefully my other slow motion on is actually all slow motion!

here they are

Thanks in advance! sorry about the failure of slow motion in the one video!

Are you more comfortable throwing from the stretch as opposed to the windup?

Were you throwing max effort when throwing from full?

Have you ever thought of moving to the left side of the rubber as opposed to staying on the right side?

Overall you look pretty good, but it looks as though from the full your not throwing as hard, could just be me though.

Youve done a better job controling your body in your follow through.

It’s hard to tell from a video but I think you slow your whole body down when you’re throwing your off speed.

Sorry phone froze and timed out

Sorry again posted 3 times by mistake

I may be slowing down on my offspeed. I was thinking more about how I released it then keep my arm speed up. So I was probably slowing down.

I have been thinking of just pitching just in the stretch. I think that I will from now on. I have enough trouble fixing one motion. There’s no point of fixing two different ones. I can just adjust my leg lift height when there are runners on base or not.

I was looking at Trevor Bauer slow motion clip that was posted earlier and I noticed that he kept his foot back a lot longer than me and his foot moved forward at the same time as his back foot began drive forward. I think that allows him to lead with his hips more effectively.

I think that is something I should focus on along with having a good arm action.

Did my arm look good there? I felt like my hitch was negligible. i saw it a little, but I don’t think that it impeded my motion that much.

Should my front foot stay back until my drive leg begins to push forward like Bauer?

I will be posting a video before next Monday because that is the first day of high school baseball tryouts and I will need to be as refined as I can be then. I don’t when I will post another video but I shall sometime next week.

I think that for now that I’m going to continue to work on having a controlled arm action and keep my foot back until I begin to drive out.

Let me know if any of you see anything that I should work on. Thanks!

After downloading your slo mo side view and using Windows Media to go frame-by-frame, it appears you are opening too soon with your shoulders. As you already know, this limits hip/torso separation.
Also, it may be negligible, but your front knee appears to continue to move forward a bit after you land. Obviously, your knee should stabilize and be used to help generate your velocity.

I’ll keep my shoulder in more or at least I’ll attempt to.what should I be thinking with my front leg? Is my movement going to impeding velocity or is it like you said negligible?

Now that I think about it more. I’m kind of torn between going all stretch or having both. I think that I will continue to work on both and if I continue to have control issues then I will just go to the stretch. But I feel like if I have more consistent and improved mechanics then I should have no problem pitching from both.

There are a ton of factors that can make the shoulder rotate too soon. You would really need to take an in-depth look at yourself in just about every facet and see what could be causing it.
As far as the knee movement after landing, it would be helpful to get some really experienced people to be able to say if your amount of knee movement is normal or if you need absolutely no movement whatsoever.

Get used to pitching out of both the wind up and stretch. If your more comfortable out of the stretch use that in games while working on the full in practice until you feel comfortable using it in games. Generally speaking most guys tend to throw harder from the full because of the extra movement generated by the full. Keep in mind this is a generalization.

Your opening early robs you of velocity along with your brace leg still moving as you plant and release, its just hard to gauge to what extent.

You need to simplify things. Trying to work on many different things at once leads to failure. It might work for a couple of sessions in a row, but it won’t become natural unless you narrow your focus.
As me and Wales agree, those 2 things I mentioned in my previous post are quite important for velocity, control and movement. Figuring out what’s wrong is the easy part. Figuring out what to do about it is hard. I would recommend forgetting about your front knee moving for now because 1) strength can prohibit knee from stabilizing and may be solved with continued maturation and lifting and 2) this may be solved by keeping your shoulders back longer.
I would recommend focusing on keeping your shoulder from rotating early. Personally, my shoulder would fly open because I was trying to throw the s*** out of the ball faster than I actually could and naturally, you try to get all of your muscles to work as fast as you can. Unfortunately, that leads to rotating early and not using all of your gained momentum. Try thinking about keeping your upper body pretty quiet until you feel the tension build up in your mid section. This is your sign to unleash your power and throw! Make sure to stay within yourself; realize you do have a velocity limit and you can’t exceed that by trying to use your upper body earlier.

I’m with Ben on this focus on flying open and fix that first.

Like Ben says if you try and fix too many things at once it can create more problems.

And remember to stay within yourself. Being obsessed about the numbers on the gun can have a negative effect on tour development. Being conscious and mindful of them can help. It’s a fine line to walk but if you can do it you’ll see improvement.

Very good advice Ben. Thank you very much

Do you think it would be too much think about my arm action and my keep my shoulder’s in? I feel like that would help me more than hurt me because they are related parts of my motion.

Focusing on both those elements should be fine, seeing as they are both directly connected and effected to one another.