Selecting a college to pursue?

Dave has been doing very well lately. He is still 16 and is 6’1" 180 and is a Junior. Been really getting some great coaching help and it really shows. His fastball is now clicking 87 mph, curveball is working very nice,as are his other pitches, so things are going well.

It’s getting to be about the time for getting an idea where he wants to go to school. Obviously he want to go to a top rated baseball school, and with us being in the Mid-West that either means going South East or West Coast. We’ve been discussing what would be a fantasy school, a realistic school, and the take what you get schools. He did some research, and comes back that he wants to be a Seminole. Huge history, great program of course.

Curious what are some of the top schools for developing pitching talent? I’m sure you can’t just go by win/loss records. I’m sure many schools just pick good talent and don’t do a spectacular job of developing that talent. Where I’m sure many more schools are known for getting decent talent and developing that talent into something special. Where if teams were really searching for a pitcher… what would be their go to schools?

I’m not sure if there are any go to schools that teams would go to for pitching.
However, in my opinion, some of the better pitching schools would have to include, Texas, Rice, Nebraska, LSU, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, Arizona State and definitely Memphis with Fred Corral as their pitching coach.

In my opinion, keep setting the bar high like you guys are doing, but make sure he’s getting enough exposure so if one of those schools doesnt workout, he’ll still be firmiliar with a backup choice. There are an astronomical amount of pitchers across the country with a similiar description of their repetoire.

You definitely want to decide for sure, because I unfortunately turned down some offers to play at some schools because i kind of had my mind set on just being a college student and joining a fraternity (/sigh)


First thing has nothing to do with pitching…

What are his grades? Has he been practising for his ACT/SAT?
He won’t play at a D-1 without the grades, just for an example, Florida won’t discuss anything unless he’s above 3.5 and his SAT is 1500. Then if he passes that hurdle…does the team have room on the staff? Could your son endure being a red-shirt?

My recommendation is to send out some letters, do some visits and understand just what the school he wants to go to requires, pay attention…college baseball is difficult to navigate, particularly if you don’t have contacts who are advocating for him. I don’t want to alarm you but you are maybe a little late getting started, so it is really important to move forward now. Be courtious but relentless…no…he should be those things and YOU should facillitate his desires.
The good news is he’s healthy and competitive so you better make certain he continues focuses on his conditioning and development too. Remember everyone is working for that one spot…he’s got to be determined to rise above the rest.

My very best wishes and regards for your journey…you’ll never forget these times.

Right now his GPA is 3.3. He just took a practice ACT so were waiting for those results. He is also doing an ACT prep class.

Not sure what you mean by Red-shirt?

As far as room, we would have to see I guess. I just got an email from FSU to attend a camp there. So thats a start.

Yes it is a start, Coach Martin’s camps are outstanding. The very first thing they do there is explain academic requirements.

A redshirt means you are a part of the team, don’t lose eligability but cannot play. All schools do it (Even JUCO’s), it is very difficult for a kid particularly if they are at school out of town, sometimes they redshirt a kid due to injury, sometimes they do it because they are position heavy.
The kid who is redshirted needs to maintain his school schedule, his competitive edge and not be able to hone it competitively during the regular college season…takes major dedication. I had a great kid who regularly posted on this site, describe the situation here;

If he is desireous of D-1 play…particularly at a school of such repute as FSU this is the “norm” and had better come to terms…unless he’s a freak…my son played Travel with this kid;
30 scantling hunter Hunter Scantling RHP R/R 80 6-8 270 7 SR Jacksonville, FL/Episcopal HS
and Hunter was the player of the year in Florida…thats what I mean by freak…

Listen to JD…he’s a wealth of information. My son is going through “the process” right now. If I had a dime for everytime, I heard this from a college coach when addressing the “right college”…

  1. Academics first
  2. Baseball
  3. Social fit

Ahh Gotcha. Well I expect he would be a bench warmer for a while. I just didnt know they had a term for it. In the past he has faced adversity and ended up rising above it.

Freshman year he didnt make the team and was devastated, but he didnt quit. He got on an in-house league to keep playing, worked hard on improving himself, and joined the HS summer league where everyone played. Got his chance to pitch in a doubleheader where they basically ran out of pitchers and asked who else can pitch, he spoke up went in and shut them down the rest of the game and really impressed the coach. He was their ace starter Sophomore year. Then played varsity over the summer and was the only real successful pitcher they had for the whole summer. After the summer league was over al the players had to have a one on one meeting with with the varsity coach. Dave told me that at the end of his meeting, the coach actually apologized to him for cutting him Freshman year, Said it was one of the poorest decisions they ever made, and named Dave his Varsity starter for this upcoming year as a Junior.

When the time comes Im sure he will realize history will repeat itself, and he wont be playing, it will make him want it more and become a stronger person.

Plus we’re never satisfied with his performance, always looking for improvement performance wise and situational. Trying to get him to Freak status. :slight_smile:

JD your exactly right, grades come first. College’s really like kids that have excellent grades because they can get more $ from other grants and scholarships and thus it lowers the burdens that the athletic department has to give you monetary wise.

Redshirting isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, I medically redshirted my freshman year due to Tommy John, and I gained invaluable information with being able to just watch.

Where are you at in the Midwest, as I am from Indiana. Does he play travel ball? Tell your son to let his travel ball/school ball coach know his ambitions to play college ball and where he wants to go, yes it would be nice to go to a LSU, Alabama, FSU, Florida but if he is good enough then the scouts will find him and get him to the next level, I promise!

Look at bio’s of baseball players and you will see a lot of bizarre college names on there, yes it is awesome to say “Hey, I went to Big Dog State” but if he can go to “Medium Dog State” and be a 3yr starter and develop his tools at a D1 level and get seen more then it would be more worthwhile to go there instead of sitting for 3 years on “Big Dog State.”

I wish you and your son all the best!