Seimron's Pitching Log

Hello and welcome to my pitching log :smiley: I made this to keep track of all of my pitching goals/changes and to maybe look back on myself and see where it went either wrong or right.

 My name is Leonel Cruz. I am from Bronx, New York. I'm 15; I was born on January 28, 1994. I have been playing baseball on and off for about 3 years now. I tried out for my high school team and did terribly and I am now going to start pitching. I have never pitched in my life until Tuesday this week :shock:  I instantly fell in love with it. My original plan was to practice my hitting/arm strength over the summer and join the team next year. I can honestly say that I doubt I could go back to just playing center field without at least giving pitching a shot. 
On Tuesday I was at the park with a friend long tossing when he asked me to pitch to him. I can't honestly say I did any good but I just loved the feeling of pitching. I had no mechanics and I was basically side-arming the ball in there and I think I got a little injured :cry: 

It’s Thursday and I have looked over proper pitching mechanics at least 20 times and know them pretty much by heart. I hope to become a closer for my high school’s baseball team and maybe even make it to the MLB. We’ll see 8)

As you can see currently it is just a bunch of goals but eventually I will complete those goals and post vids and everything

Started Pitching: 5/11/09
Started Log: 5/13/09
Learned Pitching Mechanics: 5/13/09
Estimated Speed: Haven’t gone full out yet with proper mechanics since arm is still sore but I expect around high 60s at least
Estimated max throwing distance: 150 feet
Make my high school baseball team: []
Learn slider: []
Learn change-up: []
Increase speed to 80: []
Increase speed to 90: []
Completes 10 pitches with proper mechanics: []
Completes 25 pitches with proper mechanics: []
Completes 50 pitches with proper mechanics: []
Completes 100 pitches with proper mechanics: []
Completes 1000 pitches with proper mechanics: []